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If you want the opportunity to build a global brand and work with an international customer base, it is necessary to be culturally sensitive.

This is the act of being aware of cultural differences and similarities, but also keeping in mind that not one culture is "right" or "wrong" in what they do. Not only does this show your tolerance for others, but it also gives you the ability to generate a larger customer base.

  1. Shows Respect: Many countries in the world rely on feeling respected and valued. By being culturally sensitive, you are appreciating your international customer base, showing them that you care enough to adopt their practices and ideologies into your brand. Individuals such as Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, who have taken the time to travel the world extensively, are able to understand many cultural nuances and demonstrate their cultural sensitivity. Having the ability to demonstrate this knowledge with potential customers, will help strengthen your customer relationships and assist your brand with growth.

  2. Allows Easier Communication: Many countries and regions have their own business deal etiquettes that they expect to be performed in order for things to move forward. If you are traveling to a foreign country for business, you should be aware of their typical business practices when setting up a meeting, delivering a presentation, or even making a deal. If you are mindful of this, you and the individuals you are working with, will have much better communication throughout the entire business relationship. All in all, being sensitive to cultural practices creates the ability to partner with international companies, and thus giving you a global platform.

  3. Demonstrate Your Brand's Mission to Inclusivity: No one wants to feel like a product wasn't made for them, or that a company doesn't want their business. By being culturally sensitive your brand is showing that you value all individuals and their beliefs equally. Someone like Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan Race, who has led and managed global brand teams across various sectors, is the example that a pledge to inclusivity, reflects well on your company, and garners international support and consumption.

In today's business world, global relationships and brands are helping to grow small companies into large enterprises. Ensuring that you and your brand demonstrates cultural sensitivity will help to improve your current relations, as well as help to build new ones.

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