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Founded in 1989, DATAMARK, Inc. is a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company headquartered in El Paso, Texas. We serve Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other large enterprises at our delivery centers worldwide, including the U.S., Mexico, and India.

1. Outsourcing Makes You Give Up Control

The concept of giving up control of business processes can make companies feel uneasy, but BPO isn’t designed to do that. When you work with the right outsourcing company, key stakeholders are brought in at the early stages to discuss issues and opportunities. The entire business reengineering process is built around what’s uncovered, and stakeholders remain in the loop even as operations are underway. In other words, outsourcing doesn’t make you give up control at all, but it can free you from tackling tedious back-office tasks so that you can focus on the core areas of your business.

2. Customer Service Diminishes When You Outsource

There’s no denying that outsourcing has resulted in significant customer service blunders and consumer outcry in the past. A lot of this has to do with large corporations moving their contact centers to offshore destinations in the 1990s and early 2000s to save money, then putting poorly-trained reps on the phone when there were already language and cultural barriers to contend with. While modern BPO firms still deliver savings and can move operations offshore if it’s your preference, outsourcing can actually improve customer service when the BPO firm addresses concerns of the past and brings in benefits like bilingual service, tech, and scalability.

3. Your Valued Employees Will Become Jobless

Whether you’re worried about public perception or the idea of sending quality employees to the unemployment line is too heart wrenching to fathom, the good news is that outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean letting people go in a traditional sense. For example, when DATAMARK partnered with a Fortune 200 financial services company, we engaged in a “compassionate outsourcing” process. We not only kept their processes on-site in their company headquarters but brought their talented and experienced workers onto our team.

4. Outsourcing Takes Jobs from Americans

There is a myriad of outsourcing solutions. As highlighted earlier, companies can leverage on-site outsourcing and keep processes under their own roof, or go with near-site outsourcing to reduce costs and maintain greater oversight. There’s also onshore outsourcing, which keeps your operations stateside and delivers value too. These options are a big reason outsourced call centers are coming back to the USA en masse. As a leading BPO provider with a global footprint, DATAMARK routinely uses these solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Yet, we also recognize that sometimes our near-shore outsourcing facilities or off-shore options are a better fit for a client’s needs. This might be the case for you if overnight processing of documents will help your American team if you need to tap into a bilingual workforce, want to reduce overhead, or have other concerns. In any case, the destination is wholly up to you.

5. Privacy and Security Risks Increase When You Outsource

BPO companies like DATAMARK take privacy and security very seriously. One look at the virtual tour of our near-shore facility in Ciudad Juarez, and it’s easy to see some of the many security features we have in place, but much of what we do to secure data isn’t quite so obvious. Suffice it to say, checking mail for hazards, protecting privacy to comply with HIPPA guidelines, and even methods to safeguard your company’s intellectual property are built into each process we develop.

6. You Have No Recourse if Your Outsourcing Company Fails to Deliver

Sadly, some BPO companies don’t produce the results they promise. It’s not uncommon for clients to share their outsourcing horror stories with us as they’re getting set up with DATAMARK. They relax when they learn that we can include any promises we make in our service level agreements (SLAs), and integrate penalties if we don’t hit our targets. We are also more than happy to share the results on demand and through regular reporting. This is a point of pride for us because we’re always excited to share the results with our clients.

7. Only Large Companies Benefit

At DATAMARK, we specialize in enterprise-level solutions. Our clients are multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and the like. We specifically work with larger organizations because they stand to gain the most ground through outsourcing, and our services are designed to help them transform. However, if you operate a mid-sized company or are on the cusp of having a large organization, outsourcing may be the thing that enables you to improve focus and free resources to level up. If you’re not sure what you stand to gain by outsourcing, it’s worthwhile to have a consultation.

8. All BPO Companies are the Same

Some of the examples throughout this page already highlight the differences between DATAMARK and other BPO companies. The reality is that your experience can be dramatically different from one BPO firm to the next. We focus on tailored solutions, service, and accountability, plus leverage our global footprint to make a real difference for our clients.


Our mission is to provide our clients with superior quality services in a secure environment, competitively priced and delivered on time, thereby realizing fair compensation for our efforts and investment, enabling DATAMARK to continue its growth in the market place.

We provide a wide range of outsourced back-office services, including call center and business process outsourcing services to include high-volume digital mailroom and mail center management, data entry, document processing and document management.

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