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• Exquisitely designed and hand-finished by Pininfarina, only 150 will be made. Clients work with the design team to ensure every car is a bespoke collectible creation.

• The most powerful road-legal Italian car ever built with advanced engineering and battery

technology at its heart, the 1,900hp hyper GT accelerates from 0-100km/h in under two seconds.

• Five modes adapt the driving experience: Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa and Caraterre. Each presents a different Battista personality, from extreme hypercar to comfortable GT.

• The Battista debuts an entirely new soundscape, engaging the occupants while exciting those experiencing from the outside, all while fully embracing its 500km pure-electric powertrain.


The Automobili Pininfarina Battista is the world’s first pure-electric hyper GT – a pioneering proposition for clients and collectors who demand the highest level of luxury, performance and exhilaration. No more than 150 examples of the exclusive models will be hand-finished

by the artisans at Automobili Pininfarina’s Cambiano manufacturing facility, in Italy, bringing a new level of personalisation for discerning clients.

Chief Operating Officer, Automobili Pininfarina, Per Svantesson, said: “With Battista, the Automobili Pininfarina family has created a truly unique vehicle. Not only is this the most powerful road-legal Italian car ever built, it also delivers an entirely new take on sustainable automotive luxury, capable of providing both extreme performance and cossetting refinement. It’s a true GT car that looks to the future of sustainability, bolstered by the very latest in-car technologies and virtually limitless scope for personalisation, both outside and in. Its unique combination of exquisite materials and tailored luxury ensures it will be a sought-after investment for years to come.”


With a peerless history of creating the world’s most beautiful automobiles, Pininfarina’s unique design DNA makes Battista a car like no other, representing a modern interpretation of iconic Italian design, luxury and sophistication. Conceived at Automobili Pininfarina’s hub in Turin, the Battista has been created by a team of passionate individuals, forming an automotive icon with emotion and glorious heritage at its core.

The Battista perfectly balances the technological innovations of today with a nod to Pininfarina’s elegant past. It is defined by just two lines – referencing typical Pininfarina designs – with its curvaceous and sculptural carbon body and sweeping glass. Its pure design is complemented by technological details that have been beautifully incorporated into the Battista’s overall identity, perfectly marrying timeless design for a new era of electric mobility.

Flowing lines and simple, exquisite detailing defines the Battista’s exterior, with one line encircling the car, while another connects the pillar to the shape of the sculptural doors that sweep back to the carbon fibre bridge at the rear. A subtle accent line around the car enhances the iconic Pininfarina teardrop shape of the cabin, forming an emotive, perfectly balanced overall design. The Battista’s powertrain and technology come to life with the Signature E-Heart at the centre of the rear section, with the latest LED lighting technology giving the Battista an unmistakable visual signature at night.

Exclusivity is taken to a new level with the Battista Anniversario. Fitted with the Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack, the Anniversario features a bespoke heritage-inspired livery, including a unique combination of Bianco Sestriere, Grigio Antonelliano and signature Iconica Blu, with carbon detailing finished with the exclusive Iconica Blu thread, complemented by white pinstripe around the vehicle, signature Pininfarina logos, bespoke engraving and black interior theme with black and Iconica Blu stitching.

Limited to just five of the 150 Battista models, the Anniversario guarantees to be an ultra-exclusive embodiment of the Battista, a piece of exquisite automotive art that respects the brand’s history while looking to the future.


The Battista’s cabin seamlessly blends the exterior’s technical and emotive design with the finest materials for a luxurious and cossetting interior that creates the perfect GT environment.

A driver-centric layout ensures the driver has access to as much, or little, data as required using a trio of screens that follow the vanishing point concept, with the most important information gathered on the small central screen. The supplementary left-hand touchscreen controls the vehicle dynamics and performance, while the corresponding right-hand touchscreen operates the multimedia entertainment and navigation systems.

Chief Design Officer, Automobili Pininfarina, Luca Borgogno, said: “The Battista interior clearly reflects our PURA design philosophy. It is aesthetically pure while shaping the way the driver experiences the car, intuitively controlled via the latest touchscreen technology and beautifully milled rotary controls for the most engaging experience. Customers can personalise the cabin environment right down to the exquisite stitching and engravings via our comprehensive bespoke tailoring programme.”

The encapsulating interior remains a haven for the driver and passenger with two seating options – GT or Pilota – and sustainable leather and Alcantara upholstery complemented by a variety of stitching options, a near-endless choice of colour combinations and the exquisitely detailed Interior Jewellery Pack option and interior aluminium finishes.

The unrivalled scope for personalisation available through Automobili Pininfarina’s tailoring service offers 128 million combinations for the interior alone, as clients are invited to work with the car’s designers to make their dream car a reality. The luxurious details and inviting interior design combine with thoughtful detailing to ensure its GT credentials remain, including excellent visibility and a digital rear-view mirror for supreme driver confidence in all environments.


With its potent electrified powertrain, the Battista is an entirely new proposition – the world’s first pureelectric hyper GT. Its powertrain utilises a high-capacity 120kWh lithium-ion battery contained within a strong but lightweight carbon fibre housing. Four independent high-performance electric motors – one driving each wheel – combine with Full Torque Vectoring, Electronic Stability Control and a software differential that allows drivers to tailor the power delivery and handling responses like never before, while its T-shaped liquid-cooled battery pack is mounted centrally behind the seats to ensure a low centre of gravity.

Battista headlines:

• 1,900 hp

• 2,300Nm of torque

• 0-100km/h in under 2.0 seconds and 350km/h top speed

• 500km driving range

• 180kW DC fast-charging capability

The Battista combines hypercar performance with the cruising range and luxurious cabin of a traditional GT, providing up to 500km of effortless all-wheel drive progress with a choice of five driving modes and the ability to charge at up to 180kW using a DC fast-charger. This will provide a 20-80% charge in as little as 25 minutes. In short, Battista is the most powerful and user-friendly road-legal Italian sports car ever produced.


The Battista’s powerful battery and advanced four-motor drivetrain have allowed Automobili Pininfarina engineers to provide a wide range of driving characteristics, so the level of personalisation available extends to the driving experience. Drivers can choose from driving five modes using a tactile milled rotary controller on the dashboard; Calma (Calm), Pura (Pure), Energica (Energetic), Furiosa (Furious), Carattere (Character). In this way the Battista can be tuned to reflect the mood of the driver and the precise nature of the environment.

Chassis Dynamics Manager, Automobili Pininfarina, Georgios Syropoulos, said: “We use energy-neutral torque vectoring on Battista. We recuperate and shift as much electrical energy as possible, instead of using the mechanical brakes that convert the energy to heat, which in turn heats the braking system, too. This active energy shifting takes place directly via the four motors and is much faster and more efficient than a classic brake intervention. With the five dynamic modes, drivers are offered a variety of driving experiences, from an ultra-precise racing setup with maximum thrills and engaging dynamic drive, to a setup geared towards the full GT experience of comfort, relaxation and ensuring every drive

is pleasurable.”

The Battista has undergone a challenging and comprehensive testing programme, with former F1 and Formula E racer driver Nick Heidfeld playing an active role. He has been at the wheel of the Battista throughout its development, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the hyper GT’s testing, sharing his motorsport experience and knowledge with the engineering team to get the very best out of the Battista’s advanced powertrain and carbon fibre monocoque chassis.

Battista is the first electric hypercar to feature advanced racing-inspired Brembo CCMR carbon-ceramic brake technology and clients will be able to choose between 20-inch forged aluminium front and rear ‘Prezioso’ wheels or 20-inch front and 21-inch rear forged aluminium ‘Impulso’ wheels. The latter provide a saving of 8.9 kilograms in unsprung mass across all wheels. There is also a corresponding choice of high-performance tyres, with both Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R or Pirelli P Zero tyres available.


The Battista promises to be the world’s most connected hyper GT with an online infotainment system featuring an extensive portfolio of digital services. A partnership with Deutsche Telekom offers clients the opportunity to benefit from online services in more than 50 countries worldwide using an embedded eSIM and every Battista benefits from Over-The-Air software updates.

In total, 26 electronic modules can be updated while the car is parked or on the move using Wi-FI or the embedded e-SIM. The system also includes Smart Diagnostics technology to constantly monitor the vehicle and diagnose potential faults even more before they arise, while a bespoke 1300W Naim Audio sound system has been exclusively developed for the Battista featuring 10 elegantly integrated speakers and a Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer between the seats for auditorium-like sound quality.

The digital experience is delivered via three screens, all oriented towards the driver. The logically arranged touchscreens sit either side of the steering wheel, with a third slim screen directly in front of the driver for immediate access to key vehicle telemetry. It also displays selected media and navigation to supplement the main screens either side.

A smartphone app keeps clients connected from the palm of their hand, offering a range of remote services to locate the Battista, check upon charging status and view key vehicle telemetry data. The 360- degree digital experience facilitated by the in-car systems and the connected technology outside the vehicle ensures the Battista is entirely future-proofed, consistently running on the latest systems that are delivered directly to the vehicle.

Owners also benefit from the availability of a bespoke Residenza home charging wallbox designed by Pininfarina SpA in partnership with Green Motion, designed with sustainability in mind and finished in the same colour as the client’s own Battista. The offering goes one step further and comes with five years of complimentary public charging with ChargePoint, all accessible through an advanced keyfob or smartphone app.

ChargePoint’s network provides approximately 115,000 places to charge across North America and Europe as well as more than 133,000 charging spots through roaming integrations with other charging network providers.


The Battista is a true pure-electric hyper GT, with a signature sound to complement its advanced design and powertrain. Debuting a completely new aural experience, both passengers and pedestrians will experience a completely new soundscape.

Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Automobili Pininfarina, Paolo Dellacha, said: “When driving an electric vehicle, your senses are heightened due to the lack of engine noise. You hear more detail, experience more of the car and how it interacts with the road. Instead of trying to recreate engine noises of the past, we’ve formed a unique soundscape for Battista that truly embraces its place as a forwardthinking electric car, with a sound experience like no other.”

From the outside, those admiring the Battista’s dramatic and emotive design are also treated to a new kind of hypercar experience – one that ensures the Battista is instantly recognisable even before it is seen. Simulations were created in a studio by a dedicated team of engineers, EV experts and composers. The final version will deliver a sound experience not previously found on an electric vehicle, only adding to the driving experience of Battista.

Programme Director Sportscars, Automobili Pininfarina, René Wollmann, said: “The Battista will not only impress with its aesthetic appeal and performance, but also on new emotional levels enhanced through its sound. It gives the car a voice, and this voice has to be as beautiful as the design, with purity and rarity principles also applied to it. We were especially fortunate that almost everyone who has worked on the sound experience is a musician or music designer.”

“We are realising the most exciting automotive story imaginable.” - Per Svantesson CEO, Automobili Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina aims to be the most desirable and sustainable luxury electric carmaker in the world. The company is combining its in-house expertise with some of the world’s leading automotive design and engineering suppliers to support its aggressive performance targets and creation of its future portfolio of pure-electric vehicles. Designed, developed and made in Italy, all models will be sold and serviced in most major global markets.

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