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Essential COSTA RICA: This Central American nation has become a top IT hub for digital technologies.

As one of the leading ICT countries in America, Costa Rica wants to be seen as the principal trusted partner of tech companies in North and South America to leverage digital tools for excellence in customer experience, improved efficiency, and personalized solutions.

For the last several years, Costa Rica has become a leading IT hub for digital technologies mainly due to the multi-talented, bilingual workforce with superior skill-sets that attracts international business partners. This has opened an array of opportunities for service exporters and, as a result, 88% of companies in this sector already have experience in international markets.

From the perspective of Catalina Gonzalez, Founding Director of Zambranogroup SAS, of Colombia, "Costa Rican companies in the ICT sector are an important source of work, with highly qualified professionals and with great command of English, which fits perfectly as strategic partners for Colombian companies interested in representing them in the Andean market."

The CEO of Costa Rica's Export Promotion Agency (PROCOMER), Pedro Beirute, explained that over 900 IT companies offer a wide range of services. Its stability, telecom infrastructure, and talented workforce provide international business partners with true value-added services.

"Costa Rica is a regional leader in carrying through R&D innovation from universities into industry, as well as facilitating collaboration between companies. We're a world-class business hub at the heart of the Americas, where collaboration is key and industries reach out and benefit from cross-sector expertise."

Costa Rican businesses have successfully engaged with specialized companies mainly in North and South America, providing solutions in software development, technology commercialization, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-learning, and digital multimedia, and others.

In addition, these companies have invested and fulfilled strict requirements to become part of the recognized country brand Essential COSTA RICA, which has an evaluation protocol based on values to which export companies are subjected in order to improve their processes and be more competitive. Essential COSTA RICA has become guarantee and statement of approval in line with the country's values and standing in the world.

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