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Over the past few years the cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially. With the value of digital currencies like bitcoin increasing, many people are now investing in multiple cryptocurrencies for their chance to become financially free due to the high number of crypto assets popping up overnight promising “to become the new Bitcoin.”

The problem is, the extremely high increases in value of cryptocurrencies in such a short period of time has made it a lucrative opportunity for cybercriminals. And as such, people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fake investments that they simply heard about on the internet as being “the next big thing.”

Recovering scammed or stolen cryptocurrencies is often an extremely difficult task as it requires the services of a credible cyber security firm that can carry out digital location strategies to recover your digital assets. Eurotech Cyber Security have been investigating digital asset crime cases in the crypto space for over a decade. Eurotech Cyber Security has successfully investigated over 1,600 cases and have constantly adapted to an ever changing market whilst becoming one of the world's top cyber investigation resources.

Head of Cybersecurity Mark Reading and the team of dedicated investigators and tech experts have a combined 60 years of experience in cybersecurity and digital location strategies. Eurotech Cyber Security specialise in digital forensics and digital asset crime investigations.

This brings us to an incredible recovery story of Ms Linda Stevens, a single mother of 2, who had invested over $400,000 of the proceeds of her property sale into Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. She came across a company online that advertised huge returns for day trading her money. Naturally, she jumped at the opportunity as they promised her a 5% weekly return, which was more than what her fixed-rate bond investments were making her annually. She initially invested $150,000 to start with, and after two weeks of seeing her account balance increase by 10% was convinced to invest a further $250,000. She was delighted to see after two more weeks that her account balance had increased to $456,500. She was so pleased she even recommended friends and family who ended up also investing in tune of $100,000.

Unfortunately for Linda, she soon found that the frequent emails & telephone calls came to a halt, and she could not get in touch with the company after multiple attempts to contact them after she could no longer log into her account. This all happened a few weeks after transferring the company her Ethereum and being told they were doing great. Ms. Stevens got in touch with Eurotech Cyber Security, and within 15 days, the company was able to recover $380,000 of the $400,000 she had invested.

When speaking to Linda she said: “I lost all hope until Eurotech got involved. They literally got me back my life savings. The money I invested was to buy home for me and my kids. Life’s been hard enough these last few years with the the pandemic, so I felt like it was all over when this happened. The Eurotech team is truly amazing at what they do. I am forever grateful to have had them help me.”

Eurotech Cyber Security is a company that specialise in digital forensics, cybersecurity, and digital asset crime investigations. They apply all necessary technical processes needed to recover any lost or stolen funds from fraudulent high-level digital currency scams, Just like in the case of Linda Stevens.

Never before has there been an effective end-to-end solution for pursuing the rights of victims of cryptocurrency-related frauds. The early-stage, cross-border character, scale, and new technological complexity of blockchain have hindered the efforts of victims and law enforcement. However, Eurotech Cyber Security has an in-depth knowledge in blockchain technology which aids their operational processes, experience, and digital location capabilities to recover stolen bitcoin or any other similar digital assets. As a leading provider of cybersecurity services to both individual and corporate clients, Eurotech Cyber Security leverages its team of highly-trained blockchain cybersecurity experts with decades of experience to offer high-level cryptocurrency recovery services.

Speaking about its services, the company’s head of cybersecurity, Mark Reading, said: “Our operation involves methods beyond publicly available information and technology, this enables us to look into matters behind the scenes. We work in complete discretion and rarely have our successes become public unless agreed upon by the client. With Ms. Linda Stevens’ brave testimony, along with many others, it is evident that Eurotech is rapidly becoming the world's go to company for digital asset recovery.”

Eurotech Cyber Security is an authorised criminal investigation agency specialising in operational support and investigative services to fight against digital asset theft.

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