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Investments into Costa Rica's premier tourism assets, offering investors the opportunity for secured returns, annual vacations and Costa Rican Residency.

Costa Rica has one of the strongest tourism brands & economies in the Americas. However, its access to capital for development within the industry is limited and expensive. This makes it difficult and slow to improve existing infrastructure such as hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals.

Millions of tourists visit Costa Rica yearly, and many look to invest in this amazing, stable, and sustainable country. Their only options until now were to buy Real Estate or Land.

Costa Rica's Tourism Bonds were developed out of the need for tourism to access better capital markets for investors wanting to diversify their portfolio. They offer investors returns, usage of the property, VIP perks, and in most cases, residency in Costa Rica.

"This is something that tourists, investors and the industry have been waiting for. A product that blends a lifestyle with an investment while helping sustainability grow successful tourism projects." - Hans Pfister, Owner, The Cayuga Collection.

Costa Rica Tourism Bonds has made an additional investment option available! Their tourism bonds offer a balance between a sustainable lifestyle and steady returns in some of Costa Rica's finest luxury resorts and developing enterprises.

A tourism bond is a secure investment in a tourism project offering both financial and lifestyle returns. You invest into a tourism project, receive an annual return, and at the end of the term, you receive your original investment back, all while having enjoyed ownership benefits, and the most valuable of all - the intangible asset of memories with your loved ones.

The world is "going green" fast and investors are increasingly looking to help finance a better tomorrow by transitioning into a more sustainable environment. The market has fast evolved to include social and sustainable bonds with a specific emphasis on the especially attractive Green Bonds. In the past few years, the Green Bond market has experienced explosive growth. In recent years, banks have been looking for ways to achieve a more environmentally and socially responsible portfolio, facilitating the development of a thriving market.

Choosing to diversify your portfolio by investing in tourism bonds means that you are essentially becoming part-owner/investor of a high-profile, reputable organization that has been carefully selected by their team of experts. Each venture only has a limited number of bonds available, and there will be a minimum investment level.

"From January through November 2020, investors in mutual funds and ETFs invested $288 billion globally in sustainable assets, a 96% increase over the whole of 2019. I believe that this is the beginning of a long but rapidly accelerating transition – one that will unfold over many years and reshape asset prices of every type," Larry Fink, Blackrock Chairman and CEO

In November 2008, the World Bank issued its first Green Bond in response to a request from a group of Swedish pension funds seeking to invest in projects that address climate change. Labeled the world's first green bond, it became a blueprint for today's Green Bond market, providing options for investors to support climate solutions with their investments without sacrificing financial returns.

The Costa Rican Stock Exchange was the first in Central America to adhere to the Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative. For this reason, it was the first in the region to make a commitment to promote support for sustainable development from the capital market.

Goldman Sachs has proven to be a pioneer in the deployment of environmental impact bonds leveraging private investments to support high-impact green opportunities including investing in the first-ever Environmental Impact Bond for DC Water totaling $300m.

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