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David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler shows how to make long term results a reality in his new book, SCALING SALES SUCCESS: 16 Key Principles For Sales Leaders.

Based on Mattson's extensive experience, the book introduces sixteen principles that need to be part of the development plan for every leader. His priority in assembling these principles has been to help sales leaders master the leadership skills that enable them and their teams to post dramatic, scalable, and sustainable increases in revenue over an extended period. The principles work in developing effective leaders in any industry.


  • Lead with Integrity - Know what one stands for and communicate accordingly.

  • Don't Get Emotionally Involved - Disengage from drama.

  • Check Your Own Pipeline First - Keep an eye out for talent; avoid the most common onboarding mistakes.

  • Model and Coach Excellence with Private Meetings - Use one-on-one discussions to support team growth and development.

  • Tap Into the Why - Find out what drives people on a personal level.

  • Begin with Their Point of View - Understand and respect behavioral style and perspective.

  • Be Strategically Inquisitive - Ask questions that clarify all the important issues.

  • Respect Their Truth - Accept that there are other points of view and that people are just as passionate about their opinion.

  • Build Tomorrow's Leaders - Set people up for success.

  • Make Accountability the Norm - Create a culture of accountability.

  • Create Team Ownership of Ideas and Solutions - Leverage the wisdom and creativity of the team; give others the credit.

  • Don't Wimp Out - Set priorities that go beyond one's comfort zone.

  • Develop the Right Processes and the Tools That Support Them - Create and implement playbooks.

  • Macromanage - Let people do their jobs.

  • Become a Learning Team - Commit to personal and professional development.

  • Be Ready for Anything - Plan, prepare, and then be flexible.

These are the building blocks of effective leadership, which is what makes scalable revenue growth possible. Learning to grasp and follow these rules takes practice, but by committing them to practice every day, one's true leadership potential will emerge.

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