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Bold ideas with elegant design to create thrilling new ways to move people. Forward-thinking and classic inspiration from European automotive makers influences our line-up of stylish, innovative electric vehicles made for people who choose their own road.

"It was difficult to stop anywhere without drawing a large crowd of curious onlookers. “What is it? How much is it? Where can I buy it?” they would ask."

It’s less about us, more about you.

We approach every new vehicle by first considering you: How you move? How you want to move? What do you love? Why do you need a vehicle?

Our flagship vehicle (the SOLO) was designed to ease your commute. We know making the most common driving you do easier is important.

For those who drive for fun, we’re bringing classic lines to an all-electric future. The eRoadster is guilt-free nostalgic driving.

And finally, an electric sports car built for everyone. No longer reserved for the elite, the Tofino combines style and speed at an unprecedented sportscar price point.

Take your emissions to zero. Most drivers create 5,500lbs of CO2 in a year during their daily commute alone. The SOLO is a bold solution for drivers who think differently about the future.

ElectraMeccanica, a Canadian designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company’s flagship vehicle is the innovative purpose built, single-seat electric vehicle called the SOLO. This vehicle will revolutionize commuting, delivery and shared mobility.

The SOLO provides a driving experience that is unique, trendy, fun, affordable and environmentally friendly. Inter-Meccanica, a subsidiary of Electra-Meccanica, has been building high-end specialty cars for 60 years.


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