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Florida understands what it takes to do business and stands ready to welcome you with the talented workforce, top-ranked infrastructure, global connectivity and quality of life your company needs. Few states can match the scale and scope of Florida's industry assets. The state's competitive costs, large talent pool, comprehensive infrastructure, global connectivity, and huge market have supported the growth of a robust economy, with particular strength in the following key areas:

Aviation & Aerospace

Florida has long been the world’s premier gateway to space, the undisputed air traffic hub of the Americas, a major hub for flight training and MRO, and home to leading manufacturers of all types of aircraft and aircraft components. As a result, Florida has a rich supply chain and talent pool benefiting industry businesses. It's no wonder industry leaders including Boeing, Embraer, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, and so many more have significant operations here.

Life Sciences

After years of aggressive, coordinated effort, Florida has firmly established itself as a true hub for the life sciences. Today, Florida is home to some of the nation's most highly regarded research centers; more than 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies; and a foundation of more than 46,000 healthcare establishments - including 720+ hospitals. Come see why so many industry leaders - including Actavis, Arthrex, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Noven, and Steripak - are already here.


Florida ranks among the top ten states for establishments manufacturing a wide range of goods. Florida's advanced manufacturing industries are diverse and include sectors producing intermediate and finished products ranging from plastics, to tortillas, to motor vehicles. In total, Florida is home to over 19,000 manufacturers employing more than 331,000 workers. These strong industry assets can help your manufacturing business ramp up fast in Florida.

Defense & Homeland Security

Florida's high tech economy, impressive military assets, and specially trained workforce make Florida a great place to find the expertise you need to compete in this rapidly evolving industry. Florida proudly hosts 20 major military installations and 3 unified combatant commands, and nearly all of the nation’s leading contractors. Tap into our tremendous industry base and large pool of skilled workers and veterans to grow your business. Florida’s strengths in homeland security’s diverse components – including infotech, photonics, simulation and training, and biotech.

Information Technology

Florida has remained at the forefront of infotech innovation since the birth of the IBM PC in Boca Raton. The state's industry strengths are diverse, and range from photonics, to mobile technologies, to communications equipment, to modeling and simulation, and beyond.

Financial & Professional Services

Florida’s diversified economic structure has enabled it to be a global player in the provision of high value-added services in finance, insurance, architecture, accounting, consulting, engineering, and more. Florida’s proximity to and cultural connections with Latin America have also helped make Florida an international banking center with booming international trade, and leading location for shared services. In total, Florida is home to 129,500+ financial and professional services firms and their 897,500 employees.

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics is big business in Florida, where the broader wholesale trade, transportation and logistics industry employs more than half a million Floridians. Nearly every major global logistics integrator already has a presence in the state, including the headquarters for Ryder System, Inc., Landstar System Inc., CEVA Logistics U.S., Inc. and other top logistics companies. As the Western Hemisphere's commercial gateway, Florida's logistics & distribution industry is poised to grow further with the completion of the Panama Canal expansion and numerous infrastructure developments and upgrades underway around the state.


Floridians understand the undeniable link between sustainability and the economy, and are building a robust cleantech industry, with particular strength in energy, efficiency, and environmental technologies. Florida is already home to industry innovators from Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, to Siemens Energy, to Saft.


Florida is the 3rd largest state and the 19th largest economy in the world, if Florida were a country - companies across industries can benefit from our large market, large workforce, and tremendous diversity. In addition, Florida offers world-class business amenities and infrastructure, so your people, products, and ideas can all travel fast. Florida is particularly well-suited for Latin American headquarters operations.

Florida’s International Business Sector

Over the last decade, the total value of Florida’s merchandise trade has nearly doubled, reaching $153.6 billion in 2019. Florida continues to have the highest trade surplus among all U.S. states, a reflection of the state’s role as a global hub in the Western Hemisphere. International trade and foreign-direct investment accounted for about one-sixth of the state’s economic output last year and supports an estimated one million jobs. Trade and foreign direct investment play a fundamental role in Florida’s economy by fueling growth, supporting jobs and diversifying the economic infrastructure.

Business Climate

You can have peace-of-mind when you locate your business in Florida. The state’s favorable business tax structure, government policies and competitive costs make planning for future growth easy. Florida consistently ranks among the best states for business, thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment. The state is proud of its welcoming business climate and competitive advantages.


Florida has one of the world’s most extensive multi-modal transportation systems, featuring international airports, deep-water shipping ports, extensive highway and rail networks and multiple hubs that allow for high-speed data transmission from around the U.S. to Europe, Latin America and Africa.


Florida is host to regional and hemispheric headquarters of companies from around the U.S. and all over the world, a vibrant international banking center and a diplomatic hub with a substantial Consular Corps. Many international firms base other facilities, such as warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, in Florida to take advantage of its easy access to global markets.


Florida’s talented and diverse 9.5 million workers can exceed the expectations of even the most demanding employers. Not surprisingly, Florida’s talent pipeline is consistently ranked among the best in the nation. Much credit for the excellent skills of the Florida workforce can be given to the state’s excellent educational institutions and unique workforce training programs.

Quality of Life

Achieve work-life balance in the state that’s known for great weather, recreation and culture – and also offers the affordable cost of living that allows you to enjoy it all.

"One of our greatest advantages is that our state’s leadership understands what it takes for a business to thrive and is committed to creating an environment that promotes growth and prosperity for all Floridians." Eric Silagy - President & CEO Florida Power & Light Co.

Enterprise Florida recruits new business to the state, and works to retain and expand existing industry and business. EFI focuses its economic development efforts on a wide range of industry sectors, including aviation & aerospace, life sciences, information technology, defense & homeland security, clean energy, financial & professional services, and manufacturing.


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