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We introduce game-changing innovations from companies that are taking their verticals by storm. These technologies hold the potential to transform the future for the better.


Industry-leading global messaging solutions company ZOLEO has launched its progressive SOS feature making it the only global satellite messaging solution to offer this functionality. Uniquely, the innovative progressive SOS feature offers ZOLEO users added peace of mind by providing ongoing status updates when they trigger an SOS alert and throughout the incident.

Ideal for anyone who ventures beyond mobile coverage for work or recreation, the compact and award-winning ZOLEO device connects via Bluetooth® to a free app on the user’s Android® or Apple® smartphone/tablet to provide a seamless global messaging experience. Messages are transmitted via Iridium® Short Burst Data® (SBD®), cellular and Wi-Fi®, and are automatically routed over the lowest cost network. Progressive SOS with 24/7 monitoring is included in every ZOLEO monthly plan.

eyeson GmbH

Patented Single Interface Technology enables companies - or more precisely, the companies' software developers - to enhance their existing software applications and web platforms through video conferencing and to enable complex use cases. eyeson is a technology leader in cloud-based video communication. eyeson provides an API video service to easily integrate live video, including live media, data and participants into any kind of use-case based on its unique patented single stream technology. To secure its customers performance, eyeson offers the service to manage cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management. eyeson provides browser-based video integrations on all desktop and mobile devices.

JLT Mobile Computers

Swedish manufacturer of rugged computers for extreme, demanding environments, has introduced the JLT1214P, a new logistics computer which features revolutionary Rugged Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) display technology. In today's logistics market, where productivity is more important than ever, the JLT1214P computer's enhanced computing performance helps provide information quickly and reliably, which combined with the improved touch screen usability increases productivity in even the most advanced applications. JLT Mobile Computers is a leading developer of rugged mobile computers for the most demanding environments.

Skydweller Aero Inc.

A cutting-edge aerospace company developing solar powered aircraft solutions capable of achieving perpetual flight with heavy, powerful payload capacity. Utilizing technology based upon the longest continuous renewably powered flight program in history, this fast-growing startup is developing a new class of unmanned aircraft, providing the persistence of geosynchronous satellites with the powerful sensing capabilities and range of a large, airborne platform. Skydweller has been awarded a $14 million contract with the Defense Innovation Unit, in conjunction with the U.S. Navy, to advance and integrate technologies in support of Skydweller’s development of its extreme-endurance, solar-powered aircraft.


A blockchain-based startup, leveraging the power of decentralization to provide internet connectivity to consumers in Africa and provide the physical infrastructure to support this through its partnership with K3 Telecom. Only 20% of people in Africa are active internet users, with less than 1% having access to broadband. Compared to the 60% of the world population that are active internet users, it is evident that African nations have quite a distance to go in order to fully benefit from the world wide web. Physical infrastructure will comprise mobile internet base stations, each will support up to 15,000 internet users, have a range of 50 km, and provide up to 1 Gbps per user (240x faster than the average mobile internet connection).


Developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet, has begun the next phase of flight testing of its 5th generation technology, Phoenix 2. Lilium is creating a sustainable and accessible mode of high-speed, regional transportation for people and goods. Using the Lilium Jet, an all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet, offering leading capacity, low noise and high performance with zero operating emissions, Lilium is accelerating the decarbonization of air travel.

Sesh Corp

Sesh is launching the ultimate parenting app that gives on-demand, real-time coaching to help parents navigate the most pressing childhood behavior struggles, starting with preventing tantrums. Sesh's patented multi-modal AI technology - developed through intensive research with hundreds of families - gives parents the tools to communicate with their children in a way that works.

Addressing core issues that help shape behavior in a child is critical but often overlooked. Sesh helps parents carefully analyze and solve these issues using the latest educational neuroscience and child psychology research.


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