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China's tech giant Huawei announced it had secured a total of 91 5G commercial contracts worldwide to date, putting it ahead of all other major vendors despite tightening restrictions from the United States.

Over half of the contracts, 47, come from Europe, while 27 are in Asia, thanks to increased customer recognition, said Ryan Ding, executive director of the Board and president of Huawei's Carrier BG, during a 5G Products and Solutions Launch in London.

The company has also shipped over 600,000 5G Massive MIMO AAU (Active Antenna Unit) modules, a type of key modem used in 5G base stations, to its global customers.

As a leading global 5G supplier, Huawei is committed to developing the best end-to-end 5G solutions, which will include the industry's highest-performance 5G base station supporting all scenarios and the Blade AAU with the industry's highest level of integration, Ding said in his keynote speech.

The Chinese telecom company is the first in the industry to provide industrial 5G modules for vertical applications. With 4G, people can share their videos and voices, while given the ultra-high bandwidth offered by 5G, people will be able to enjoy immersive AR and VR experiences, allowing them to convey their thoughts and feelings like never before.

Ding said these amazing experiences will create incredible new value. As 5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) matures, high-definition video services will drive the massive growth of 5G B2C services.

5G B2B services have also shown huge potential. Huawei and some operators have jointly released 5G white papers and explored B2B applications in order to drive 5G application in numerous industries, including new media, campus, healthcare, agriculture, and mining.

At the event, Ding launched the 5G Partner Innovation Program, witnessed by many of Huawei's industry partners. Through the program, the company plans to invest US$20 million in innovative 5G applications over the next five years, to support innovative use cases, foster development of a 5G ecosystem, and accelerate commercialization.

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