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During the Covid pandemic, we have seen the Internet become our connection to the outside world. A variety of e-learning platforms have seen an increase in demand, while adding value to the lockdown experience and helping people become more productive during this time. Open English, the leader in live instruction-based English learning for Hispanics, has been one of these programs, seeing a doubling of enrollments in the US, as well as in live class usage.

In the US there are close to 60 million Hispanics, almost 20% of the total population, and it is estimated that one third is not proficient in English. Thanks to over a decade of experience teaching English online in Latin America, Open English has been able to carry over its expertise to teach the US-Hispanic population becoming one of the top e-learning platforms for this market group. Open English connects students with native English-speaking teachers through on-demand live classes taught in virtual classrooms.

In response to this spike in interest and to stand in solidarity for those who choose to learn English during the pandemic lockdown, the company has decided to offer free live classes through Facebook Live and provide an additional license to new students who enroll from now until May 15. These free live classes offer a sense of community to those willing to learn English during their time at home, providing an alternative to traditional in-person learning.

"Our North American teachers teach more than 500,000 live classes a year resulting in a product that adds value even during these moments in which our daily routine has been put on hold and the adoption of online learning has increased among Hispanics in the United States interested in learning English," explains Andrés Moreno, CEO and founder of Open Education. "We want to share Open English with as many people as possible in the United States while they are staying at home."

There is a demand in the United States for online English courses that adapt to the student's needs and what better way to start than with free online Open English classes. Among Hispanics, the reasons for learning or practicing English are varied; they might want to do better in school, get a better job, improve their daily interactions or even, be able to help their children with school work; especially now that parents are playing such an important role in their kids' education while they stay at home and schools are closed.

About Open English

Open English is the leading online English school in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the United States. The company was founded in 2008 with the objective of reinventing the way people learn English, focused on meeting the needs of today's professionals. The online learning platform offers personalized live classes with North American native English-speaking teachers.

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