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Ecorobotix is a Swiss provider of ultra-high precision crop treatment and plant-by-plant data. Ecrobiotix's ARA increases efficiency while reducing the use of crop protection products at the same time.

ARA is a high-precision sprayer developed by Ecorobotix, which enables the ultra-targeted application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or fertilisers. Improve the profitability of your farm, while adhering to environmental regulations.

With the world under pressure from energy shortages, rising prices for agricultural inputs (fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides) and an urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions, consumers and governments want to reduce the use of agriculture chemicals while ensuring farmers can still grow enough food to feed the world. Conventional agriculture relies heavily on chemicals to efficiently grow crops, but these chemicals are very energy intensive.

Ecorobotix technology has been commercially proven in the Swiss market, being sold through Bucher Landtechnik since 2021 and being used in multiple crops (onions, salad, grasslands...) As part of the 2022 expansion strategy Ecorobotix has added distributors in Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Belgium and Czech Republic and plans further growth across Europe and North & South America in 2023.

"Agriculture and farmland account for over 19% of global CO2 emissions. Ecorobotix’s ultra-high precision (UHP) agricultural data and crop treatment massively reduces chemical use (herbicides, pesticides) by 80-95%, while increasing crop yields by more than 5%. Ecorobotix identifies individual plants using AI and targets treatment only on weeds, not on crops or surrounding soil. The solution has the potential to massively reduce the CO2 footprint of all agriculture. I’m thrilled to lead Ecorobotix as it expands globally and develops its data and carbon business." - Simon Aspinall, CEO Ecorobotix

ARA is a tractor-mounted UHP crop treatment solution that uses high resolution cameras and AI to instantly detect individual plants (both crops and weeds) in real-time. ARA's ultra-high precision sprayer then delivers unparalleled accuracy targeting areas of 6 x 6 cm to treat individual plants (without spraying crops or surrounding soil), far outpacing conventional solutions which blanket spray the entire field and out-performing the latest ‘smart’ sprayers that only target areas of 150cm x 150cm.

With new features, ARA has become even more precise and more intelligent enabling even better plant-by-plant recognition and ultra-high precision crop treatment. Multiple new product improvements include: automatic height adjustment of the spray bar; ability to adjust the machine working width between 8cm and 600cm; and automatic shutdown of the spraying at the end of each row is now standard. Furthermore, the user interface on the tablet is now available in English, German and French.

ARA's plant-by-plant identification, which runs in real time using six cameras and on-board computers, has increased in performance and now runs improved algorithms for dock, thistle, iceberg lettuce, chicory, turf and sugar beet. The weed detection rate has also increased even further in the new release. As required by the farmer, ARA can now also be set to spray all areas except the crop for root herbicide applications.

ARA takes more than ten images a second. Our Cloud Service collects this precious data to optimise the management of your crops. Images are sent onto a server to be analysed within. By logging onto your personal account, you will have access to detailed statistics about the condition of your field, the amount of weeds present or the quantities of products applied.

Ultra-precise, plant-by-plant spraying

With respect to conventional spraying methods, ARA enables you to reduce the use of crop protection products by up to 95%!

Increase of profitability

ARA enables an increase in profitability going up to 30%, depending on the type of farm, while adhering to legislation which imposes the use of less and less crop protection products.

Rapid recuperation of equipment

ARA is recouped in three/four years with a medium-sized farm. ARA can also be eligible for subsidies in certain areas.

Versatile use

ARA treats a large number of crops with all types of products and can be used throughout the whole year over different fields.

Ecorobotix was founded to radically change agriculture for the better by respecting the environment and reducing chemical use, soil impact, water use, and energy use. Ecorobotix offers a revolutionary plant-by-plant data solution and ultra-high precision crop treatment sprayer that reduces chemical use ( herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers) by 80-95%, while increasing crop yield by more than 5% and has the potential to massively reduce the CO2 footprint of agriculture.

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