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Here are 10 carefully selected artists for your business to consider supporting this quarter.


Bud Gibbons is a painter who lives in the western foothills of the Allegheny mountains and is Professor Emeritus at Penn State University, New Kensington, Pennsylvania after 40 years of teaching art. He has traveled the world following the insight that landform influences critical thought and paints the landscape and people he finds there. His paintings, even close to home demonstrate his intense interest in exploring the integration of light and form and are meditations on the beauty and resonance of everyday life.

​"As a rule I go out into the country and look for natural settings, not always having a specific site in mind, but letting the light and weather conditions impress on me a motif. And as I become accustomed to the environment and conditions, a spot presents itself."


Carrie MaKenna is an American professional artist, and the owner of Arts Carrie MaKenna Studio and Gallery, and co-founder of D’art Gallery in Denver Colorado. She brings canvases alive with rich color, deep texture and uplifting meaning. Her subjects are diverse including abstracts, landscapes and portraits alike.

"I make artwork to remind people of their interconnection with each other, nature and the universe, while creating a respite from the challenges and stresses of life. It’s especially rewarding when people tell me they experienced or learned something from viewing my artwork."


Sarah Milton’s love of art was born in New England, where she grew up in the rural town of Bridport, Vermont. Her artistic career has led to exhibiting in gallery and museum shows, fabricating and installing museum exhibitions, art conservation, and custom picture framing. Most recently her interview with Kristine Fisher on Cape Ann ARTWaves supported by 1623 Studios aired on YouTube in December 2020 giving an overview of her life’s work.

"I have been an artist my entire life. There isn’t a time I can think of when I wasn’t making something or thinking about creating something... My art has two sides/personalities, probably more, but two are visible to me. One side is emotional with a loose approach, and the other tends to be geometric and strategic."


Nancy Eckels was born in New York and grew up in Utah before she moved to Los Angeles, California where she now resides. After a 25-year career in television, she moved on to make painting her full-time occupation. Her painting career has now spanned 22 years and many abstract paintings.

"I paint off the top of my head with little feel for where I’m going. As patterns begin to emerge on the canvas, I am able to find a direction and a composition. I paint what is in my head and my imagination rather than what is in front of my eyes."


Jan Stratton grew up in New Jersey but has spent her adult life in Oklahoma. She retired there in 2014 after almost 34 years in broadcast television. She was hired as Public Affairs Director at KSWO-TV in 1980 in Lawton but moved into the News Department within a few months. Her first duties were as field reporter and photographer and quickly moved on to producer, anchor and ultimately News Director. She remained on the anchor desk until her retirement. She was inducted into the Oklahoma Broadcasters’ Association Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame in 2014. Arts have always been a big part of Jan’s life—playing piano​, performing in dozens of community ​theater productions, and painting which she began in earnest after retiring. She began taking watercolor lessons with local artist Tom Biggs, classes with Katherine Liontas-Warr​en at Cameron University and Matthew Hughes of Leslie Powell Gallery. She continued her learning in workshops with noted artists Mary Whyte and Christine Lashley. She picked up her oils a few years later and since, has had workshops with acclaimed artists Kathleen Dunphy, Qiang Huang, Tina Garrett and Peggy Immel. Jan’s both a studio and plein air artist. She’s married to retired Comanche County Judge Bill Stratton. They have a combined family of six adult children and 15 grandchildren.

"Plein air painting can be challenging. Being outdoors in all that beauty and quiet is inspiring and joyful but you do have to contend with lugging your art gear over hill and dale, the Oklahoma wind, “critters”, deciding quickly on your subject and painting quickly, too, because that light’s going to change, no matter what."


Mae Jeon is a digital fine artist whose love for flowers tugs on the fundamental cords that weave throughout her artwork. Her compositional treatment of motifs, colors, and other inherent qualities are guided by her intuition. She often finds great inspiration from the time she spends reflecting in meditation and spiritual reading. Her digital work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, museum shows, and art fairs in New York and Miami, as well as at Biennale shows held in Italy: Florence 2005, Chianciano 2013, and Venice 2019. She held her ninth solo digital art exhibition at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery in New York, showcasing digital art on metal circles. She has received the 2010 California Award from the Latino America Museum, Ontario, CA, and the Best Work Prize in the 2012 International Monoprint show at the Museum of Americas, and First Prize in the 2017 Woman in Art show at Impulse Arts Inc. in Houston. In 2020 she received the Works on Paper Award at the 131st annual exhibition of the National Association of Women Artists. Mae Jeon’s digital work has been featured in over 30 books and magazines in the USA and Europe. She is a certified artist of the Museum of the Americas in Florida, and she has collaborated on many shows and publications with the museum for more than 15 years. Her home studio is located near the south shore of Staten Island, New York.

"Through my art, I want viewers to see the awesome digital world that I encountered on my digital journey. I also hope my art images inspire viewers to feel the spiritual world. Through my art, I want people to find moments of peace and hope in their distress."


Visual art is Vasu’s passion in retirement following a very successful career in medicine. She depicts women in different roles and paints representational and/or abstracted subjects from humanity, nature and ecology. Vasu uses vibrant colors and shapes on images using alterations/abstractions with acrylic, mixed media and charcoal. Her works are in many private collections. Vasu loves to create new themes of works and writes free verse and ekphrastic poetry. She has participated in over 50 local, regional, national and international group shows and won many awards.

"I want my canvases to awe, intrigue and delight the viewers, reach the innermost recesses of their minds and motivate them to act on the themes and make them their causes. We as artists want to send a message about what influences our work and leave a mark of the moment which affected us so much."


​Ken Goldman is an internationally known artist, author, teacher and art juror. His paintings are included in the permanent collections of several major art museums including the San Diego Museum of Fine Art and the Zuo Wen Museum in Qingdao China.

"Today my paintings and drawings continue to reflect the deep appreciation of nature and the human figure which I gained during my formative years... Because of my curious nature, I paint any subject I find intriguing, unique and challenging. Usually these are figures, portraits, landscapes, wildlife, and historical themed semi-abstractions."


My passion for nature and wildlife is the cornerstone of my artistic endeavors. Through my art I hope to educate people about the magnificence of God’s creatures and to promote awareness and appreciation for them. My gift is the ability to bring out the soul and essence of my subjects.

"The uniqueness of my work is a result of the passion I have for my subjects which is the cornerstone of all my work as an artist... I developed empathy and compassion for creatures that are misunderstood, undervalued and often times mistreated."


​John Carlos Furtado has two loves, Art, and Music, and sometimes they cross over. He is a self-taught artist who has loved all things artistic all his life.

"I hope that the viewers are positively impacted by my work. At the very least, visually enjoy viewing what I have created. But I am also hoping that they pick up the themes that I am trying to get across. I hope some paintings are thought provoking."

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