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In today’s day and age, high-level competition exists in almost every imaginable industry. In order to succeed, one needs to tap and unlock their true potential. With the right guidance and mentorship, any entrepreneur can take their business to a whole new level and increase their revenue exponentially.

Muse Mastermind is one such embodiment-focused strategic initiative for soulful entrepreneurs to help clarify, define, structure, and make a current inspired project a reality while allowing oneself to be shaped into the leader they wish to be.

“Muse Mastermind” is a strategic and initiative program designed to help people birth their heartfelt vision and embody the changemaker they are meant to be. This is achieved via proven practices rooted in full-spectrum leadership, spiritual psychology, and neuroscientific productivity planning. Muse has supported 58+ alums to achieve their goals and make their impact, through a foundation of energy efficiency and self-honoring choices. This program provides the direction people seek without feeling like it is just another thing that they have to complete.

Luna Grace Isbell-Love, the creator of The Alignment Code™ is a Transformational Leader and Alignment Mentor who holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and certification in multiple interdisciplinary healing arts practices. Her work lies at the interaction of exploring what it means to welcome the full spectrum of life and leave a legacy behind. Luna’s passion is to help changemakers, healers, and coaches find alignment within themselves so they can make their impact, be nourished spiritually and financially, without losing themselves, and find more freedom.

What is the “Muse Mastermind” Program

Muse Mastermind is an interactive, intimate, online, and in-person strategic and soulful initiative designed to help people follow through on an inspired service project using Luna’s proven system so that people can take aligned actions each week and receive support every step of the way. Muse is both an in-person and online group program that offers an abundance of one-on-one support as well.

Muse Mastermind is the perfect program for entrepreneurs who wish to make an impact on their industry and reach their true potential. The program helps people step into their most aligned embodiment of leadership. Luna Grace Isbell-Love believes “when we do the work within, the work we put out into the world is aligned with our Soul Purpose”. Helping people clarify their vision and become aware of their impact, the Muse Mastermind program is helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams while stepping into service and create positive changes in the world.

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