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Oscar Chavez Launches His Juicy $3M LinkedIn Playbook to Awaken Sales for Busy CEOs.

Self-doubt is a significant obstacle when pursuing one’s passions since there is an inner voice of fear that shadows all ambitions. In an encouraging move by International Keynote Speaker and CEO Advisor, Oscar Chavez, for a limited time, he is giving away his $3M LinkedIn Playbook at zero cost to help CEOs and business owners scale post-covid.

From an early age, Oscar Chavez, flouted self-doubt to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. At the age of 16, he kick-started his business career as a corporate magician; and aged 23, he became the youngest high-performance sales executive in Australia’s largest and iconic technology companies. He then went on to compete on Season 2 of Australia’s The Voice (aired to 4 million Australians, with over 1.7M views on YouTube), where he was publicly ridiculed for his obesity.

Following The Voice, Oscar dropped an incredible 70 kgs post-show over 12 months. This transition contributed to his becoming an instant social media hit, inspiring audiences globally. The transformation triggered his subsequent successes, including closing a $3M deal on LinkedIn in a single month with no advertising spend back in December.

“The results were really phenomenal for my business and I know the many challenges businesses face when it comes to generating qualified leads and closing them as a client,” Chavez says. Which is why he created some training to show business owners and CEOs the step-by-step process to generate qualified leads using only their LinkedIn profile.

Chavez has been hosting weekend workshops on the $3M LinkedIn Playbook since February and his clients have had some stellar results. One of Oscar’s clients generated six booked meetings and had a proposal sent out in the same week after attending the $3M LinkedIn Playbook training.

But this is the first time Chavez is opening the doors to his training at zero cost. “I have a global network, so it was challenging for some people to attend the live training due to the time differences, so I decided to eliminate that barrier and give it away for free as a test. So many CEOs and business owners make excuses for themselves. Most of the time it’s due to fear and self-doubt - they question whether they have what it takes to get to the next level and they’re overwhelmed by the mixed messages in the industry so my $3M LinkedIn Playbook is a great starting point to test a lead generation channel - especially because there’s no ad spend involved”, Chavez says.

Screw mediocrity

Oscar claims the biggest barrier to achieving one’s goals is the pull to conform to the “everyday people lifestyle”. That is - going to work day in and day out, going home and tuning into “everyday people TV” rather than taking massive action to transform their lives into something more meaningful. For Oscar, he would prefer to work longer hours during the week and on weekends for the luxury of being able to go “off-grid” for a few months without falling into debt and with the comfort of knowing that his business continues to grow without him. According to Oscar, whom you choose to surround yourself with will determine whether or not you will succeed in attaining your life’s biggest goals. “It’s OK to wake up one day and realize that the friendships you have are holding you back. But the choice on what to do is up to you”.

Increase transparency

Everyone makes mistakes and has problems to solve. According to Oscar, to be successful, you must be ruthless in looking for problems to solve, "Most people are so busy trying to talk about their solutions and deliver their unique selling propositions that they miss out on the opportunity to learn about their customers intimately. People walk into meetings over-prepared knowing exactly what they want to pitch to their clients. People need to shut up and just listen". Chavez says that solving a problem is just as much about listening and reading between the lines as thinking about a viable solution.

Take no prisoners

Oscar says that everybody is so scared about the opinions of others that it cripples them with fear and stops them from taking meaningful action to unleash the full potential of their lives. The definition of “take no prisoners” for Chavez is to be ruthlessly uncompromising in pursuing one’s objectives. Without this hunger and drive, Chavez says that people will not live up to their full potential and may live their lives littered with regret.

Oscar Chavez’s successful track record equips him with an unbeatable ability to help businesses and individuals understand how to achieve more in business with less.

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