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SecuredIntel1 industry-leading risk management helps cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols scale sustainably.

The amount defrauded in the crypto space has grown to more than $12 Billion and despite global efforts, 68% of cases have gone unsolved. Well prepared and verifiable evidence makes it far easier to gain effective action to recover your cryptocurrency.

How can the difference in outcomes be so vast? Assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency in general, before treated as ‘anonymous’ and ‘high risk’, are now at the front line of advancement in anti-money laundering technology – usurping traditional finance at a fraction of the cost. And some have woken up.

In light of this sea change, read about the kind of battles in technology typical cases present – and how SecuredIntel1 operation traces stolen crypto and recover it. Adrian Gonzalez the leader in crypto assets litigation and recovery in the US and a member of its Board CFE in the United States to further aid defrauded investors in recovering their wrongfully-taken cryptocurrency. This is another big step in this pioneering area after successful launch SecuredIntel1 ReclaimCrypto service.

SecuredIntel1 continues to look for and work with companies and individuals who expose fraud, regulatory breaches, and wrongdoing. SecuredIntel1 deems Adrian Gonzalez reputation as a forerunner in the space as paramount to be strengthened for the benefit of creating a safer blockchain economy.

There are millions of victims of crypto-related crime that need our help, and I know that with Adrian Gonzalez experience, we can further expose bad actors.”

Adrian Gonzalez will continue to work closely with SecuredIntel1 ReclaimCrypto service holding crypto fraudsters accountable, locating stolen funds and recover it for the victims of fraud, and generally increasing the safety for participants in the fast-growing cryptocurrency world.

Misappropriated cryptocurrency funds related to hacks, scams, ransoms, drug and human trafficking and all other types of illicit and criminal activities tend to be passed through complex layering/mixing schemes aimed to conceal the trail of funds.

Afterwards, large and sophisticated hacking and scam operations typically pass funds through a deliberately designed chain of hundreds or thousands of ‘layering’ transactions – similar to traditional finance money laundering methods. But despite the sophistication of the schemes’ route, the blockchain ledger can be tracked and recover cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain System Counters

Crypto fraudsters and those in blockchain-driven compliance are forever in a technological arms race, but SecuredIntel1 is always a step ahead of the nefarious actors.

Fraud investigation engines often encompass several automatic analytical techniques allowing investigators to overcome even very complex layering schemes. The basic typology distinguishes three types of examinations – the destination of funds, source of funds and fingerprints of activity.

Destination of funds is aimed to identify blockchain addresses that hold or received funds originating from misappropriated wallets, as well as evidencing transaction paths (chains of consecutive transactions) between them.

Contrarily, the source of funds is designed to identify addresses that send funds to blockchain addresses related to criminal activity. The purpose of fingerprints of activity is to identify accounts of known blockchain services and methods used by the perpetrators. The aforementioned examinations are supported with numerous engine data mining techniques such as ownership analysis, clustering and e-discovery.

A Holistic Approach to Tracing Stolen Funds

SecuredIntel1 unique fraud investigation methodology uses multiple different tracing methods for the same investigation. This includes those widely adopted in bankruptcy law, such as first-in, first-out (FIFO), last-in, first-out (LIFO), pro-rata distribution (Proportional Distribution), lower intermediate balance rule (LIBR), with an additional comprehensive set of proprietary methods enhanced for the specifics of blockchain.

We take this holistic approach because courts tend to have different preferences when it comes to tracing methodologies. For example, pro-rata distribution may be preferred in cases of Ponzi schemes where multiple, similarly situated victims are being paid with other victims’ deposits.

Well prepared, verifiable evidence of tracing analysis and impartial interpretation, such as multiple methods presenting similar findings, makes it far easier (and less costly) when it comes to decisions.

Investigations Solutions - What can we do for you?

SecuredIntel1 has built a real-time blockchain analytics and asset tracking technology that has proved as the key enabler of many successful investigations. Our team of blockchain forensic experts helps legal offices, and corporate entities to conduct end-to-end crypto investigations.

Blockchain Forensic Analyses and Reports

Our dedicated team of blockchain investigators, forensic accountants and blockchain technology professionals help organizations to respond immediately to instances of fraud and crime, using the world’s fastest crypto-asset tracing technology.

Ongoing Support of Blockchain Forensic Professionals

Fraud and crime cases tend to be dynamic, and our experts and technology are ready to act on new facts on the go until the investigation is fully resolved. We will help the counsel to navigate unexpected changes during the trial.

Witness Expert Opinions and Testimonies

We explain the most complex blockchain analytics in a way that can be understood by an individual or even your CEO. We have experience in providing the most credible blockchain analytics evidence and testimonies in the loudest crypto scandals.

Providing Counsel with a Case Evaluation

Not every case is worthwhile to pursue, or not at all stages. Please contact our experts Adrian Gonzalez before engaging in heavy expenses. Our experts will help to estimate the value and risk of the case at each stage of investigation and identify assets that may have been unknowingly omitted from the scope.

Assisting in the Overall Planning Strategy for the Case

Blockchain analytics must reconcile with the traditional elements of investigations, litigation or asset recovery strategy for the case. Our team has experience in both blockchain and traditional investigations and is ready to optimize your strategy.

The chance of recovery of stolen crypto is 100x more effective if traced live and the recipient notified immediately.

SecuredIntel1 has shown leadership in data quality and coin market coverage that in combination with our capabilities we can now provide the market with a new confidence to investigate, analyze, and pursue suspicious activity involving cryptocurrencies and recover your funds.”

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