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Steelcase has announced the introduction of over 40 products designed to meet the emerging needs and expectations of workers based on new global research.

The pandemic has reshaped what people need and expect in the office, according to studies the company conducted in 10 countries, which engaged over 32,000 people in multiple studies. Synthesizing these major studies uncovered new overarching needs that will drive macro shifts in the overall work experience and lead to new ways of planning and designing offices. The research also finds 95% of organizations plan to return to the office, most exploring hybrid work experiences and embracing new ways of working after employees reported drops in productivity, engagement and innovation while working from home. Steelcase designers crafted a new collection of product solutions designed to address employee needs that were amplified by or emerged during the pandemic.

"People's experiences at home have shaped what they want to see in the office. Our research found that while many people enjoyed working from home for its flexibility, there were also many challenges including increased isolation and drops in productivity," said Allan Smith, vice president of global marketing. "After nearly a year at home, organizations must use this moment to support workers' desires to feel safe, a sense of belonging, greater productivity, enhanced comfort and higher levels of control. This diverse range of products was developed to meet new demands and create better work experiences for people."

Steelcase® Work Tents: In collaboration with a world-class tent maker, Steelcase designed Work Tents as a collection of novel privacy solutions to limit visual distractions and help people be more productive, but not isolated. Inspired by tents and designed for the office, Work Tents are rooted in the human desire to seek shelter and protection from natural elements. From simple screens to small enclosures, Work Tents utilize tensile building techniques that pair light and airy organic shapes with tent-like and sheer textiles to create a range of visually captivating privacy solutions.

Steelcase Flex Active Frames: More collaboration will happen in open areas to help bring people together and help them feel safe with greater control. Designed to divide space, enhance collaboration and provide storage in open areas, Flex Active Frames create productive, inspiring and adaptable homes for teams. The simple three-step build allows them to be designed as an architectural boundary to provide a team with privacy and lockers, or a work island to support collaboration. Highly customizable and flexible, the options are endless, creating ideal spaces for teams to do their best.

Steelcase Roam®: As remote work becomes an even greater need the Steelcase Roam Collection, a series of mobile stands and easy-to-install wall mounts created for the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S family of devices, allows organizations to create inclusive experiences for in-person and remote participants. Co-developed with Microsoft, the new Roam for Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85″, expands the Steelcase Roam Collection to amplify large-scale collaboration, making it easier to share content and connect with remote teammates.

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