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Drawing on a connection that began over 80 years ago, the two organizations debut a collection for living and working at home.

Steelcase launches a new work from home collection as part of their relationship with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Celebrating an icon of modern work, the Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection by Steelcase reintroduces, reinterprets and reimagines the classic furniture designs of Wright, originally produced by Steelcase for the SC Johnson Administration building in Racine, Wisconsin in 1939.

Merging beauty and function in his philosophy of organic architecture, Wright's unique furniture for the SC Johnson building's Great Workroom pioneered a new way to work. As part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection, select Signature pieces will faithfully match the style and finishes of the original furniture, with subtle adjustments to the collection's proportions and scale to support modern living.

"From its beginnings over 80 years ago, Steelcase's relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright has helped to revolutionize design for work," says Meghan Dean, General Manager, Ancillary Merchandising and Partnerships at Steelcase. "Now, we continue that mission into the home, as there's never been a better time to revisit design principles that have always been ahead of their time."

Guided by Wright's design principles, the modern Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection reinterprets the original line of furniture for use across a wider range of spaces and settings while capturing the spirit and groundbreaking look of his designs. This expanded collection translates Wright's clear aesthetic for today's work life, with new desk and guest chair sizes that feature broader dimensions and proportions; an expanded material palette to provide more design choice; and the first-ever public introduction of a lounge chair that Wright designed for the SC Johnson building in 1939.

"Frank Lloyd Wright used design as a means of deepening the relationships between people, nature and place," says Stuart Graff, President and CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. "With the Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection and our collaboration with Steelcase, we're excited to expand his vision of an architecture for better living."

The Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection is the first of Steelcase and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's new creative collaboration, which is expected to be sweeping in scope as the organizations reflect on the past to continue Wright's legacy and inspire future collections for a new generation. Steelcase draws on the Foundation's archives and Wright's organic design principles for aspiration and inspiration, and together they intend to establish ongoing collections of fine furnishings, textiles and wall coverings that evolve from the legendary to the unexpected.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection by Steelcase is exclusively available at with free shipping as part of Steelcase's Professional Installation offering.

For the past century, Steelcase has led the office furniture industry with insight-led design and services that unlock human promise. We believe that space matters, and that creating inspiring, people-centered workplaces boosts productivity and employee engagement.

Today, the Steelcase family of brands has grown to include Steelcase, turnstone and Coalesse products. You’ll find a limited selection of each of them here, along with a few of our sub-brands, each of which carries our limited lifetime warranty and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Because finding the right fit is so important, our assisted sales team is available to offer personalized support. Whether you’re shopping for desks, task chairs or lounge furniture, we’ll help you create the space that’s right for you.

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