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Baswood is on a mission to bring next-generation water technology solutions that positively impact people and the planet to the forefront of the industry. Baswood's BioViper technology reduces wastewater treatment costs while improving food and beverage processors’ operational efficiency and environmental credibility.

As the world faces increased environmental pressures due to climate change, it's time to think differently about water: how we use it, treat it and release it back into our environment. Although it's not something many people know or think much about, wastewater is an essential part of manufacturing, especially when it comes to food and beverage. Up to this point, cumbersome and outdated technologies have made it among the most challenging parts of the manufacturing process, but one company is on a mission to change that. Baswood, a Texas-based water technology company, has developed a system that makes it easier to conserve and naturally treat wastewater, while actually saving time and money.

Using up to 60% less energy within a 75% smaller physical footprint than other wastewater treatment systems, Baswood's innovative BioViper™ system can vastly improve the way manufacturers are cleaning wastewater after production. This smaller, more efficient system can remove 90% or more biochemical oxygen demand (BODs), thus cleaning water before it's either sent back to the municipality or reused in a manufacturer's plant.

A first of its kind, the BioViper™ is inspired by the filtration process of a natural body of water. The patented technology, called AIMS (Aerobic/Anaerobic Integrated Media System), consists of a sequence of enclosed vertical tanks. In each tank, air rises from the bottom (submerged zone) to the top (trickling zone). Wastewater flows from top to bottom through a series of biofilms—organic biomass that grows in varying quantities. These zones, customizable to the nature and strength of the wastewater, work together synergistically to break down and remove organic compounds. AIMS technology is used along with another patented innovation, Dry Cycle Aerobic/Anaerobic Digestion (DCAD) technology, to maximize efficiency.

"At Baswood, we understand the importance of talking about wastewater and are committed to leading the industry into the 21st century with new, sustainable technology," says Baswood CEO Dan Simon. "It's all about either producing re-use water or servicing wastewater so it can be delivered to municipal treatment plants in a format that is more sustainable than had been done previously."

Driven by an extraordinary desire to be better, Baswood has been slowly changing the way people think about wastewater. The company is on a mission to bring next-generation water technology solutions that positively impact people and the planet to the forefront of the industry. With the support of actors and environmental activists like Edward Norton and global manufacturers like Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig Dr Pepper, Baswood's patented technology is revolutionizing the future of water technology.

About Baswood

Founded in 2004, Baswood offers innovative and sustainable technology-based wastewater and biosolids management solutions. Baswood's proven, patented water technologies provide effective treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater streams at a cost advantage over traditional treatment programs. Baswood systems are compact, customizable, and require less energy and workforce to operate. Wastewater services include pilot testing, system design, equipment supply, financing, installation, system startup and commissioning, operations training, and long-term support and operations management.

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