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The important growth of the country over the last decade is linked to the significant increase in investment. In Uruguay, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has reached record levels, and has positioned the country among the main recipients of FDI, in terms of GDP in South America.

Uruguay has political, democratic and social stability, and macroeconomic soundness, which creates the right environment for successful investment. It is also a stable and predictable country, qualities that are taken as a differential by investors.

Uruguay´s strategic location as the Gateway to the region offers the perfect springboard to Latin America. Uruguay provides top-level logistics infrastructure, state-of-the-art telecommunications technology and the best energy supply in Latin America based on renewable resources.

Through Uruguay you can access a market of 400 million people, which accounts for 68% of Latin America's GDP and represents a flow of foreign trade of almost 74% of Latin America's total.

Uruguay has become the destination par excellence for international companies seeking quality, efficiency, experience and new opportunities in the most stable and reliable business environment in Latin America.

Both national and foreign investment has been declared of national interest. The foreign and local investors are treated equally. It also has a wide range of incentives that adapt to different types of activities, both industrial, commercial or services that want to be carried out in the country.

Human resources in Uruguay are highly competitive, qualified and multilingual. Moreover, the state promotes the implementation of training programs tailored for existing staff or new recruits, offering grants to companies that present eligible projects. The state guarantees free access to education, from pre-school to university. 4.5% of GDP is invested in education.

​Uruguay is the best country to live in Latin America according to the 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index and the Mercer Index (2017). The ranking is based on a variety of factors, including wealth, economic growth and quality of life.

Uruguay is a safe country, with 3.4 million inhabitants. Montevideo (its capital), and other cities in the interior, offers excellent living conditions for executives and their families with access to first class health and education services. More and more foreigners are choosing Uruguay to live. Executives can stay and work legally in the country while their applications for residency visas are processed.


Agribusiness is an innovative and continuously improving sector. It is positioned as a greatstimulating area for the Uruguayan economy, representing three-quarters of the exports of goods. As a country that ensures reliable products of superior quality, Uruguay has attracted first class companies as the destination of its operations. From Uruguay, agricultural products are provided to a world with an everyday increasing demand.

Infrastructure and Logistics

The Uruguayan government established infrastructure investment as a priority to ensure the sustainability of growth and the levels of productivity of the Uruguayan economy. This will be carried out with financing from the public and private budgets.

Global Services​

Uruguay has become the most reliable destination for Global Corporate Service Centers in Latin America. Every year, global companies establish regional centers that combine platforms or activities of: regional distribution centers, regional corporate centers, shared service centers, shopping centers, IT development centers, R & D centers and advanced manufacturing projects. Although Uruguay is particularly attractive for the location of Captive Centers, it is also a chosen destination for outsourcing centers focused on high-value tasks: BPO and KPO centers. Offshoring services represent 18% of total Uruguayan exports. The operations are focused on Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, Brazil, America as a whole or globally.

​More Investment Opportunities

Uruguay offers a very favorable environment for the setup of companies in various sectors of the economy. Its political and macroeconomic stability, the various specific incentive regimes, and its competitive advantages have motivated a wide variety of companies in various fields, such as manufacturing, tourism and retail to choose the country as a destination for doing business

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