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Costa Rica, a small country with a great vision. Like an essence, we are a concentrated country with a great and unique value that distinguish our people.

​From the world's best coffee to hearty liquors, premium chocolates, fruit preserves, and gourmet nuts and snacks, Costa Rica's got your cravings covered.

Costa Rica's not just about rainforests and beautiful beaches. The prosperous Central American nation is a competitive world leader in agricultural exports. Over 100 years of experience in the food industry, coupled with innovative growing processes, superior soil quality, and a year-round growing season, have resulted in a cornucopia of high-demand crops sought worldwide.

The country's vibrant coffee industry is known across the globe for setting standards of consistency and caliber and as well as breaking the 2018 Coffee Association's Cup of Excellence price record for high-quality beans. Costa Rica is also the world's leading exporter of carbon-neutral NAMA coffee.

​Let's talk about chocolate – Costa Rican cacao boasts the Cocoa of Excellence award, the Central American Chocolate Award, and Silver and Bronze medals from the International Chocolate Awards 2017 Americas competition.

"Applied international standards for sustainability, supply chain integrity, and social progress initiatives set us apart as a country and directly impact the food we produce," says Costa Rica's Export Promotion Agency (PROCOMER) CEO, Pedro Beirute. "More than 300 products leave our borders every day to reach over 100 international destinations."

In fact, 9 of the top 40 global food processing companies have operations in Costa Rica.

What's on the menu of export delicacies? In addition to coffee and chocolate, there's pineapple, hearts of palm, exotic fruit and vegetable preserves, aromatic and spicy sauces, gourmet nuts (macadamias, cashews, and peanuts), and of course world-class rum, craft beer, and other spirits. Recent developments to meet market demand include the introduction of superfoods. Chia, aloe vera, virgin coconut oil, algae, and other high-nutrient crops are requested with increasing frequency. Certifications, including USDA Organic, Fair Trade, FSSC 222000, among others, are all testimony of Costa Rica's dedication to offering exceptional produce.

"Costa Rica has high-quality products and a promising future in the development of new crops. We want our relationship to be lasting, and we can grow together for years to come." Says import specialist, Miguel A. Romero of E. Sanchez S.L., Spain.

The Essential COSTA RICA Brand

PROCOMER is the government agency responsible for promoting the export of Costa Rican goods and services to the world. Qualified agricultural producers are required to live up to the country's brand standard of excellence, known as Essential Costa Rica. These companies are recognized as industry leaders for meeting the brand's strict criteria of Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, and Social Progress in their operations, products, and services. For more information on how PROCOMER can satisfy your business's needs, visit"

Costa Rica is paramount in the success of our supply chain." Said CEO of EXP Group, USA, Anthony Serafino. |

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