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Industry Adapting, in Particular, to Treat Female-Specific Chronic Diseases.

Technology adaptations and growing awareness are combining to bring big changes to the feminine-specific healthcare market, according to a report by BCC Research, "Femtech: Empowering Women's Health."

The market is seeing an influx of new apps, research and medications, according to the report.

Market leaders include CareNX Innovations, Maven Clinic, and Celes Care.

Research Highlights

  • Major market segments include fertility solutions, period and fertility tracking apps, at-home fertility monitoring devices, and pregnancy and nursing care.

  • North America and Europe are leaders in the market, though major advancements are coming from Africa and Asia.

  • At least 11,300 patents were filed in the femtech industry in the past two decades.

"Women have pressing needs for accessible healthcare, whether it is due to demographics or the urban-rural divide," notes report author Smruti Munshi. "Socio-cultural norms also often consider women's healthcare issues as taboo subjects and make it difficult for women to seek medical care and healthcare advice, especially for infertility, menstrual health, birth control and sexual wellness. There are several companies addressing this latent need, such as CareNX Innovations, which provides smartphone-integrated point-of-care diagnostics accessible to women in rural India using healthcare aid workers. There are also digital healthcare chains, such as Maven Clinic and Celes Care, which are making care accessible virtually, i.e., exclusively to women in the comfort of their homes."

Treatment for Overall Health and Wellness Include Stress Management, Sleep Training

Femtech is investigating how to make healthcare minimally invasive and less intrusive, the report adds, while also focusing on basics like proper nutrition, good sleep and lowered stress. Cutting-edge technology is using artificial intelligence, big data and analytics to improve the efficiency of screening and diagnosis and making a positive impact on uterine health, urogenital health and menstrual health.

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