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Vijay Tella’s first book, “The New Automation Mindset” outlines the three principles of Automation: Process, Growth, and Scale Mindsets

Workato, the leading enterprise integration and automation platform, together with Wiley, a global leader in publishing, research, and education, have announced the upcoming industry-focused book, The New Automation Mindset. The book, authored by Workato CEO, Vijay Tella, former Gartner analyst Massimo Pezzini, and HubSpot VP Platform Ecosystem, Scott Brinker, reveals the mindset behind the success of category-defining businesses that harness AI and automation. It then provides the blueprint for how company leaders can bring this mindset to life in their own organization. Pre-orders are currently open and the book will be available on August 29th, wherever books are sold.

The New Automation Mindset will take an in-depth look at how technologies like generative AI, and low-code, cloud-native automation have propelled organizations into this new digital era. But, without a new mindset and unique blueprint, the reality is that no technology – not even AI – will break loose the stalled digital transformation movement. The book outlines the mindset and blueprint for CEOs, CIOs, and other business and technology leaders who want to be a catalyst for change in their organizations. Readers will learn how to focus on the big picture, with an organizational growth mindset of embracing challenges, and treat change as a team sport to transform to a new level.

“The advent of generative AI revolution and low-code automation unlocks immense potential in enterprises, enabling people to innovate at the speed of their ideas. Although business transformation initiatives have primarily focused on technology, the mindset with which we approach this new AI-driven democratization will be just as crucial in the future,” said Vijay Tella, author, and CEO of Workato. “The New Automation Mindset is our effort to unveil how every organization can harness generative AI and automation to transform themselves.”

Hear from industry leaders on how The New Automation Mindset will revolutionize the way business leaders approach automation and first reactions to the book:

"Vijay Tella’s wealth of experience shines through in The New Automation Mindset. He provides a deep understanding of the technology, expertly connecting the dots between automation and its potential to drive innovation and improve efficiency across an organization. It is a great resource for understanding the basics of automation and a valuable tool for professionals looking to implement automation in their work. The practical examples and case studies make this book a useful reference that can be applied in real-world scenarios for years to come.” – Mohit Rao, Head of IT Innovation, Atlassian

“Vijay Tella has successfully incorporated emerging technologies into the day-to-day operations across the enterprise. Across two decades, he has been a trusted partner to many in Silicon Valley. In this book, Vijay takes us into a not-so-distant future - where best-of-breed composable technology is woven together through automation forming the fabric of our planet's IT architecture." – Eric Ta, CIO, Coupa

“Over the next decade, every organization will be engaged in a massive reimagining of the way work gets done with the tasks that people perform increasingly augmented by automation and AI. This book does an outstanding job of explaining the essential three mindsets which will separate successful people and companies from those that fall behind: adaptability, systems thinking, and empowerment. A must read for those who would be on the forefront of this transformation.” – Ted Shelton, Partner, Bain & Company

“The strategies that underpin success in the next 10 years are going to be completely different from the strategies that worked in the previous era. The New Automation Mindset is required reading if we are going to position our companies to win in the new era.” – Dan Rogers, President, Rubrik

Named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iPaaS, Workato enables enterprises to automate their business processes across the organization by integrating their applications, data, and experiences. Designed with best-in-class security and governance, scalability, performance, and availability, Workato’s low-code, no-code platform makes it easy for IT and business teams to integrate their applications and automate their processes, drawing from thousands of automation “recipes” built by the Workato community. With Workato’s democratized approach to automation and integration, business technologists are empowered to fuel their organization’s digital transformation.

To pre-order your copy of The New Automation Mindset and learn more about the movement, visit here

The New Automation Mindset

Explore the true potential and impact of business automation.

Digital transformation of the business landscape is well underway, and businesses are being reshaped faster than ever before. Agility and adaptability are now critical components of these business' survival. But building these traits requires a holistic approach with an unrelenting focus on automation. How does one go about developing that focus?

In The New Automation Mindset: The Leadership Blueprint For An Age When Anyone Can Automate Anything With AI, renowned entrepreneur and tech strategists Vijay Tella, Scott Brinker, and Massimo Pezzini deliver a guide to implementing automation in the real world, avoiding jargon and vague bromides in favor of concrete examples of the successful integration of automated technologies and descriptions of the positive results they had on the companies that deployed them.

In the book, you'll also find:

  • Hands-on advice for C-suite executives, front-line managers, and everyday employees to implement effective automation frameworks

  • Insightful explorations of the innovation and growth advantages of automation

  • Deep treatments of how automation is about more than just RPA―or Robotic Process Automation―and efficiency

  • An inspiring and practical presentation of one of the most essential topics in business today, The New Automation Mindset will earn a place on the bookshelves of founders, entrepreneurs, managers, shareholders, tech enthusiasts, knowledge workers, and anyone else with an interest in digital transformation and commerce.

About Vijay Tella

Vijay Tella is the CEO and co-founder of the Enterprise Automation platform, Workato. He has led the creation of market-leading integration technologies for over 25 years. Prior to Workato, he was the CEO of Qik, a consumer video communications company that was acquired by Skype. Before Qik, he helped create two multi-billion dollar integration products. He was part of the team that created the world’s first middleware platform, TIB (The Information Bus) at Teknekron Software Systems, which was acquired by Reuters Plc, in 1994. He was also on the founding team and SVP, Engineering of TIBCO through its IPO. As Chief Strategy Officer, he then helped launch Oracle’s Fusion Middleware platform in 2005.

About Workato

The leader in enterprise automation, Workato helps organizations work faster and smarter without compromising security and governance. Built for Business and IT users, Workato is trusted by over 17,000 of the world's top brands, including Broadcom, Intuit, and Box. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Workato is backed by Altimeter Capital, Battery Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, Tiger Global, and Redpoint Ventures.

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