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Zepp, a professional brand focused on digital health management, has launched its latest wearable, the Zepp Z smartwatch.

The Zepp brand was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and quickly became the go-to brand for athletes looking to improve their performance. Now in the 2020's, Zepp has begun a new chapter with health as its mission, powered by the belief in the role human-centered technology can play in self-improvement, and realizing the potential of the Internet of Things powered by AI. Zepp continuously develops new technologies, devices and apps to aid users with their personal health management.

The Zepp App itself is a platform for managing personal wellbeing and also connects sister-brand Amazfit, which offers a complementary line of branded smartwatches, bands, and wearables, with cloud services. In future, the Zepp brand will introduce even more premium and high-end smart devices that use advanced AI, biometric technology and data to help people better monitor and analyze their health, and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Impressive expansion and innovation

In just under a year since their debut in August 2020, Zepp smartwatches have entered the market in more than 20 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and are also available from the Zepp website and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

After its founding in Silicon Valley in 2010, Zepp quickly created waves in the North American exercise market by using a unique wearable sensor device to monitor and analyze exercise data. Zepp enabled athletes including professional golf, tennis and baseball players to significantly improve their performance. In 2020, Zepp transformed itself, and has made personalized health management its mission. Powered by a belief in the role human-centered technology can play in self-improvement, Zepp is leveraging the potential of the Internet of Things, powered by AI algorithmic systems to develop powerful hardware, software and data analysis capabilities. Zepp helps people manage health and well-being, from traditional health and exercise monitoring to analysis of health status warnings.

Dedicated to helping people enjoy a fulfilling life

Zepp researches all aspects of health, and in November 2020 Zepp co-released the Global Sleep Study, with the World Sleep Society. The in-depth study addressed concerns that COVID-19 lockdowns were changing people’s sleeping patterns. Respondents to the Global Sleep Study reported they were losing sleep due to pandemic-induced worries and were eager to improve their sleep quality. As a champion of personal well-being, Zepp’s products and programs help users track their sleep and embark on a journey towards healthier sleep. Many of the study’s respondents agreed that listening to calming music can help with sleep so Zepp now gives users an option to create a personalized lullaby for enhanced sleep. As well as looking after physical health, Zepp also cares for people’s mental well-being and happiness. To bring a smiles to faces and remind everyone of the importance of human connection, Zepp launched its first reality web film called ‘Measurements of Attraction’ in December 2020. The video shows that wearables may be useful in the search for love, by detecting true feelings and “chemistry” through changes in heart rates, even when dating virtually. For now, a smartwatch cannot help romantic relationship choices, but it’s clear paying attention to heart health puts people in control of their relationship with their changing environments. Empowered by Zepp, people can improve both mental and physical well-being.

Zepp invests in research, technology and global collaboration

The extraordinary user experience and powerful and precise health management service that Zepp provides comes from its advanced technology, support from respected experts, dedicated professionals, and expanding partnerships with world-class organizations. Through rigorous research and experimentation, the team has made remarkable progress in tracking and analyzing various types of biological data. Last year, the team established an AI research institute which is led and consulted by renowned AI industry experts and professors from prestigious universities. Currently, the institute focuses on the study of respiratory health management, athletic performance and neuroscience, and will serve as the engine for future technological innovation. Its exciting research results will be utilized to enhance Zepp’s abilities. The team has also partnered with Silicon Valley-based AliveCor, the leader in AI-based personal ECG technology, to develop entirely new ECG devices to detect heart arrhythmias. In the meantime, the team is also working with the Stanford University Sleep Center to study the effect of sleep on the physical recovery of sick patients, and on otherwise healthy people.

The future of Zepp

Zepp will remain focused on smart wearable consumer products for the short-term future. However, Zepp will continue to diversify its products and services as well as exploring research and technology that pertain to all aspects of life. This will help Zepp to realize its vision of creating a comprehensive health management brand, available to everyone that helps people enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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