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Change often leads to an impact on the work environment. But there is an effort that many overlook: to utilize emotional intelligence, which is strongly connected to decision-making, flexibility, conflict management, and self-awareness. These qualities are often crucial for driving effective leadership.

Emotional intelligence is a concept that was introduced about 20 years ago. Since then, many companies have been working with EQ as a tool, and it has shown results. EQ Europe's review of reports and research in the field, along with EQ Europe's collective experience, demonstrates that investing in EQ yields results in various industries. Here are some examples:

  • In most jobs, 40-60% of success factors are tied to EQ, and for leaders, it can be as high as 85%.

  • By introducing EQ, a global hotel chain increased its market share by 23%, reduced employee turnover by 20%, and saw a 10% increase in customer satisfaction.

  • For banks, customer loyalty is a critical success factor. Investing in EQ resulted in a 5% improvement in customer retention, doubling the margins.

  • Companies in the finance industry that invested in EQ experienced a direct increase in the number of deals and pipeline opportunities for each advisor/salesperson who underwent the program.

  • Restaurants led by managers with higher EQ showed 22% annual growth compared to the average 15% (i.e., 34% higher).

  • One of the UK’s largest restaurant groups found that Emotionally Intelligent managers achieved 34% profit growth, lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction.

  • A global well-known food and beverage company generated 10% more productivity and over 100% return on investment (ROI) by recruiting Emotionally Intelligent managers.

The most in-demand programs right now are EQ FOR LEADERS and EQ FOR IT/TECH.

"We are happy to share more about how you and your company can embark on the journey of creating an EQ culture that enables managers to be effective leaders and allows employees to feel passionate about their jobs and perform at a high level, which is often required in today's society," says Jenny Westergård, CEO of EQ Europe.

EQ skills such as self-esteem, stress management, adaptability, and social awareness can be measured and developed.

Listen to Margareta Sjölund, PhD, psychologist and founder of EQ Europe and Kandidata Asia, about the importance of measuring how investments in emotional intelligence turn out in companies: Why measure EQ in your company? (Film subtitled in English)

EQ Europe

For over two decades we have helped clients cross industry and around the world mobilize their human abilities that encourage or inhibits success. EQ Europe was founded by Margareta Sjölund, PhD and together with our sister company Kandidata Asia in Singapore founded in 2000, we are a world leader in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In 2022, we recruited CEO Jenny Westergård to take our customers and projects in Sweden and Europe to the next level. We have worked with customers from Europe, Asia, USA and Africa and a wide variety of industries within public and private domains.

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