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Occupying a corner office shouldn't make a business leader feel overwhelmed, underprepared, or anxious about failing. Still, we unfairly set up impossible expectations for senior leaders to drive the success of their enterprises.

Questco’s CEO, Jason Randall offers an alternate path to success based on his unusually diverse career managing teams big and small. Beyond the Superhero: Executive Leadership for the Rest of Us is part memoir, part handbook. Writing with extraordinary clarity, Randall debunks myths and explores the strategies that he uses every day to strengthen his team, care for his clients, and overcome chaos. This is a book for anyone in leadership—and anyone who plans to be. It offers practical tactics for exercising humility, building confidence, clarifying purpose, and creating a human-centered company culture.

Beyond the Superhero: Executive Leadership for the Rest of Us by Questco CEO Jason Randall is available now. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes and is available on Amazon. The superhero archetype has long been appealing to CEOs, especially entrepreneurs who feel the world rests on their shoulders. Part of the modern leadership myth is this sense of CEO exceptionalism – that the ultimate success or failure of the enterprise falls to the leader.

Alarmed by the increasingly unrealistic expectations placed upon modern CEOs, Jason Randall's Beyond the Superhero proposes a new leadership paradigm. His philosophy dispels the myth that leaders can and should do it all. Randall argues that not only is this a destructive mindset for leaders personally, but a leader who cannot communicate what they want done, who is untrustworthy of team members to execute effectively, or who is too close minded to receive valuable insights from colleagues, friends, and confidants is bad for the organization at-large.

"We are in a position in which the floor could drop out from under us at any time," explained Randall. "Leaders are always facing huge new challenges that we are not prepared for. We must live with a feeling that our next decision could be our last in our current position. But the central premise of this book is optimistic, not fatalistic: with authenticity and humility, we can keep the energy aloft and build great results."

Part memoir, part guidebook, Randall's insights in Beyond the Superhero are relayed in personal vignettes from the odd stops throughout his career, revealing with candor and clarity lessons learned from each experience. With humility and humor, Jason Randall debunks the flaws in the superhero leader, while providing actionable steps for becoming a servant leader. It's a philosophy that redefines what it means to be a superhero – and CEO.

Jaosn Randall, a business leader with a gift for inspiring successful teams. Jason is CEO of Questco, a HR outsourcing company known for its can-do spirit and award-winning customer service.

Launched in 2016 in partnership with Advantage Media Group, ForbesBooks is the business book publishing imprint of Forbes.

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