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Six months after surpassing their $100 Million total sales milestone, Feniex Industries Inc., an engineering and manufacturing company of visual and acoustic warning devices for emergency vehicles is investing $10 Million with local Austin based manufacturers.

In an economic environment where the world is seeing material cost and lead time increases like never before, Feniex is combating these global issues through empowering Austin based manufacturers. The $10 Million investment is aimed to increase the speed of production in order to maintain consistent delivery dates to dealers and continue to support Feniex's current and future growth.

"We see how the global materials increase is impacting our industry and we are making this investment to stay ahead of the curve and be as proactive as possible. It's a critical move to make sure we are keeping up with our demand and continue scaling Feniex as a whole." - Hamza Deyaf, Feniex Industries CEO.

By being the leader in innovation, Feniex is able to contribute their rise to developing products, digital strategies, and purchasing methods that help adapt their industry into business behaviors that mimic other booming markets. This paired with this latest investment with local Austin based manufacturers is their action plan to enhance their customer experience overall. Feniex Industries provides American-made vehicle warning devices for first responders worldwide and continues to be the fastest growing business in the vehicle warning market with over 100+ employees and 1,000+ dealers in over 30 countries.

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