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The world's first vegan, no-sugar added, low-calorie milk chocolate brand.

Moon Magic has landed, the world's first vegan, no-sugar added, low-calorie milk chocolate. While there has been an increase in better-for-you chocolate options in recent history, the options still tend to be high in sugar and calories, even if the quality of ingredients has improved.

At only 117 calories for the whole chocolate bar and 2g of total sugars (coming from naturally occurring sugars in the oat milk used), Moon Magic chocolate allows high-quality chocolate to become a daily snack rather than a treat. Chocolate has always been considered an indulgence, often associated with an awareness that the treat may not be best for health and weight management. Moon Magic's innovative chocolate aims to turn this reality on its head, taking on the $113 Billion Dollar Global Chocolate Market.

Unlike the majority of food innovations, Moon Magic's ingredient list is short - not relying on preservatives, chemicals, or a long list of strange ingredients. Moon Magic innovates alongside traditional purist chocolatiers to ensure the result is as close to traditional high-quality Swiss-style chocolate as possible, both with respect to ingredients and the chocolate-making techniques.

'The entire goal of this product line and brand is to change what has been 'too good to be true' in the past into a reality. Feeling guilty for consuming 'treats' is what I have set out to change - without sacrificing on taste, texture, and experience - and while never wavering from ingredient quality and quantity goals. The entire concept is for consumers to 'have it all' when it comes to chocolate confections. We aim to revolutionize the chocolate confections industry, worldwide,' said Shawn Brown, Founder of Moon Magic.

"Moon Magic launches with 6 unique flavors: a creamy classic milk chocolate, Cosmic Crunch (Crisp puffed rice), Java Rock (Crunchy coffee-flavored), Caramel in Retrograde (Salted caramel), Tropic of Coconut (Shredded coconut and quinoa), and Cherry's Comet (Cherry forward chocolate) - inspired by the chocolate bars we grew up with!"

Moon Magic bars are also gluten-free, keto-friendly, and kosher. The line is available for purchase via their website at and on and Each bar is 45 grams and a 6-pack retails for $25USD.

About Moon Magic

Moon Magic's mission is to innovate chocolate to make it a healthy daily snack while still delivering the complete chocolate experience that people love about chocolate. Moon Magic aims to change the way the world consumes chocolate - transforming it from an indulgence to a light daily snack. The brand is committed to delivering nutritional benefits that seem too-good-to-true when compared to the full chocolate experience the consumers expect from their favorite chocolates.

Learn more about Moon Magic and what chocolate can be at


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