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Aalborg is a leading European business destination whose citizens rank as the happiest people in Europe and as those who feel the safest. Home to world-class companies, major R&D facilities, innovative entrepreneurs, a renowned university and university hospital, Aalborg and North Denmark is a dynamic, thriving and business-focused region.

It’s the people and their skills that make the difference.

When setting up your business in Aalborg, you gain access to a highly skilled talent pool. The total workforce amounts to 270.000 people within commuting distance. North Danes are characterised by their dedication, flexibility and high-level qualifications. In total, Aalborg has 45,000 students.


Young and growing population

With its 210,000 citizens, Aalborg ranks as the third largest municipality in Denmark. The city is constantly growing and has a relatively young population not least thanks to its renowned educational institutions. Aalborg University and University College of Northern Denmark, among other institutions, ensure a highly-skilled workforce.

Access to cutting-edge research

Aalborg University is one of the most innovative universities in Europe and has more than 23,000 students. The university cooperates with universities worldwide and is home to both international researchers and students. In particular, Aalborg University is renowed for its world- class research within IT and Future Tech, sustainable energy, medical and welfare technology, intelligent logistics, etc. In addition, Aalborg University is highly recognised for its close ties with the business community in North Denmark and its problem-based learning methods. Aalborg University has a ranking of 42 in the QS ranking of the world’s top universities under 50 years. The university also achieves a five-star ranking by the QS putting Aalborg University on a par with Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford.


Location, location, location

Aalborg is a tiny metropolis with a global mindset. Situated in North Denmark, Aalborg connects Scandinavia with the Continent. With direct flights to European capitals, a dynamic international port and an extensive network of road and rail connections, you have the world at your doorstep.

The happiest people in Europe

The people of Aalborg rank as the happiest people in Europe. The city has a young and well-educated population of more than 210,000 and is home to Aalborg University with its more than 23,000 students.

Vibrant business community

Aalborg offers vast business opportunities and bursts with energy and innovation. New companies expand or relocate their business to Aalborg every week – both from other regions of Denmark and from abroad.

Strong industries

Aalborg is characterised by a multitude of SMEs with close ties to global markets. In particular, we have strong industries within IT and Future Tech, sustainable energy, medical and welfare technology, transport and intelligent logistics.

Value for money

Salaries, office rent, operating costs and general costs of living are considerably lower in Aalborg than, for example, in the capital of Denmark. Contact us at Invest in Aalborg and let us help you build your business case.


210,000 inhabitants

Aalborg is the 3rd largest municipality in Denmark. No other Danish city is experiencing growth at the same rate. Particularly young people are attracted to the city and our university. Aalborg is the capital of North Denmark with a total population of 585,000.

10,000 companies

Aalborg is home to more than 10,000 companies covering all industries. The city welcomes 1,000 new companies each year. Last year, 3,100 new jobs were created across various industries - the result of ambitious, innovative and global-thinking companies.

Global city

There are about 11,000 international employees in Aalborg, and 4,500 international students at University College North Denmark and Aalborg University. Both figures are increasing constantly and are expanding Aalborg’s diverse talent pool providing both greater multilingual capabilities and new global opportunities.

Vibrant business opportunities

Aalborg has all the attributes of a successful, international business location that delivers high-quality, yet cost-effective solutions for companies that are looking to expand or relocate. More than anything though, it is our proven track record and the scale of opportunity that set us apart from the rest of the world. At present, more than 26% of all employees in the private sector work in a company with foreign owners.

With an impressive job growth of more than three percent a year, Aalborg creates headlines. IT and Future Tech, sustainable energy, trade, transport, manufacturing and construction are among the fastest growing industries. Aalborg provides the potential of a second tier city and is characterised by a fast decision-making process.

Partnerships foster innovation

Aalborg is a catalyst for growth in North Denmark. The region has a long tradition for partnerships across companies, research institutions and the public sector. Developing clusters of high-growth industries is part of our strategy for continuous economic growth. Industry stakeholders meet in clusters and these unique environments foster open innovation, new business opportunities and new business partners not to mention the creation of significant competitive advantages. For international companies and investors, our clusters provide access to cutting-edge research and business opportunities as well as exceptional connections to local, national and global networks.

Why companies love Aalborg

When companies in Aalborg are asked with which local conditions they are most satisfied, they highlight:

  • Excellent physical and digital infrastructure

  • Embracing welfare system

  • Access to a large and highly skilled talent pool

  • Access to clusters and networks

  • Cooperation with research institutions


Aalborg offers a wealth of talent, experience and upcoming future stars within the sustainable energy industry. Large manufacturing companies as well as an ecosystem of subcontractors and consultants for the energy market have given Aalborg a unique expertise in green technologies and solutions.

The world’s largest blade factory as well as a huge test centre for wind turbines make North Denmark a natural base for companies in the wind power industry. Home to one of the world’s largest solar plants, our region is also a dynamic lab for developing new innovative solutions in district heating.

Carbon neutral by 2050

Aalborg is paving the way as a sustainable, future-proof city. We are committed to being carbon neutral by 2050, and by 2030 sustainable energy is to supply 60% of our total energy consumption. This opens significant opportunities in sustainable energy generation, waste management and energy efficiency.

The Engineers of tomorrow

At Aalborg University, world-class researchers develop strong and reliable energy techniques, sustainable energy technologies and energy efficient IT solutions, as well as devising, testing and designing the smart energy system of the future. This is also where the engineers of tomorrow are educated. 800 students are enrolled in energy-related master programs at Aalborg University.

Energy cluster of North Denmark

Private and public stakeholders in the sustainable energy industry meet in the energy cluster of North Denmark, House of Energy. 400 researchers from Aalborg University and 400 companies from North Denmark are the core of our bronze- labelled cluster.

Case Study: Siemens Wind Power

Blades for wind turbines worldwide are developed, manufactured and tested at Siemens Wind Power in Aalborg. It’s the world’s largest blade factory and is located at the Port of Aalborg. The Aalborg divison of Siemens Wind Power is also the largest private company in Aalborg with more than 2,400 employees.

“Aalborg is specifically an advantageous location for us due to the excellent transportation infrastructure and access to the port of Aalborg. Denmark’s history as a leader in the renewables sector and our own long history in Aalborg ensures we can rely on a very strong local base of suppliers, consultants and support organizations as integral parts of our value chain”. - Ken Kaser, Head of Global Blades at Siemens Windpower in Aalborg


North Denmark and Aalborg is a hub for the development of new, globally renowned products and technologies. We are home to a mulititude of IT companies, many of which are born global. 53% have export to other European countries, 47% to other Nordic countries and 24% to North America.

Our region has a long history of being a hub for worldleading telecommunications technologies, including the invention of the embedded antenna for mobile phones at Aalborg University. Today, our areas of expertise also include smart grid, human computer interaction, health care, transport, logistics, business intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and gamification.

Smart City

The city of Aalborg is developing into a Smart City, incorporating a range of applications based on the myriad of data produced by its citizens every day. This work brings together the best minds from both research and industry within the field, ensuring that our city and companies are continually at the forefront of innovation and application of IT and Future Tech

Future optimism

With over 4,500 students in the Technology Faculty at Aalborg University, we provide a critical mass of skills and a steady supply of labour flowing into the talent pool.

This contributes to a solid basis for future growth and optimism in the IT and Future Tech industry. 89% of our IT companies expect an even better result this year than last year.

North Denmark IT Cluster

North Denmark is home to the IT cluster, BrainsBusiness, which has twice been awarded the Gold Label for Cluster Excellence by the European Commission. The cluster brings together innovative companies, world-leading researchers, entrepreneurial students and forward-looking public organisations.

Case Study: Samsung

Samsung Denmark Research Center in Aalborg develops wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, ANT and Wi-Fi. The latest wireless technologies which go into millions of products worldwide - including mobile phones, wearables and IOT solutions - are developed, tested and customer integrated in Samsung’s R&D department.

“It’s a huge benefit for us to have Aalborg University just around the corner to ensure a steady talent pool with excellent IT skills. Historically, wireless technology has been a big industry in this area which also facilitates recruitment. The citizens of Aalborg speak very good English and are used to collaborate with people from other cultures and across time zones”. - Rikke Holmgaard, Head of HR at Samsung Aalborg and Samsung Cambridge


Aalborg bursts with innovation and offers a thriving startup community. About 1,000 companies decide to establish a presence in Aalborg every year - from local startups and born-globals to Danish and international companies deciding to relocate their headquarter or key divisions to the city.

Aalborg’s startup community fosters and strengthens a general you-can-do-it spirit. There are several shared offices which are designated to startup companies, and an increasing number of networks for entrepreneurs. Our very own Startup Café Aalborg is one obvious meeting place for passionated entrepreneurs.

40% of all entrepreneurs in Aalborg are between 20 and 29 years old. 60% of them hold either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. Slightly more men than women follow their dream of setting up their own business.

The most popular startup industries are:

  • Trade

  • Knowledge-based services

  • IT and communication

  • Hotel and restaurant

  • Construction

Case Study: Tunnel Vision Games

The five founders of Tunnel Vision Games met while studying Medialogy at Aalborg University. They develop computer games for game enthu- siasts around the world. Their initial game “See You On The Other Side” won an award for “Most Innovative Game” at the international Casual Connect Conference in Amsterdam.

“I believe the chances of success for us entrepreneurs have never been higher. We see an increasing number of shared office possibilities, we experience a general hype about startups, and Aalborg University as well as the city of Aalborg support startups. Such matters make it easy to get started and get through the initial, paramount phases”. - Philip Nymann, CEO and Co-founder of Tunnel Vision Games in Aalborg


Location means the world to business. And Aalborg has the world in its reach. With its extensive road and rail network, its international port and airport, Aalborg has one of the best transportation infrastructures in Northern Europe. From the city centre it will take you 20 minutes at most to reach Aalborg Airport to the North, the Port of Aalborg to the East and Aalborg University and the new Aalborg University Hospital to the South-East. That’s why we say Aalborg is a 20-minute city.

Direct flights to European capitals

Our international airport ensures fast connections to the rest of the world. With 1,5 million passengers a year, Aalborg Airport is the third largest airport in Denmark. The airport offers free parking and lots of daily flights.

Aalborg is close to the Scandinavian cities of Oslo and Gothenburg, a 35-minute flight from Copenhagen (34 daily connections), and an hour’s flight from Amsterdam (8 daily connections).

Logistic hub

Our international port is a hub for all types of freight and all kinds of transport by ship, truck and rail. The Port of Aalborg is connected to the Rotterdam-Gothenburg feeder route and has weekly connections to Rotterdam as well as Hamburg. The Port of Aalborg handles around 17,500 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) a year and is based just 5 kilometers from the highway. The container terminal at the port has the capacity to handle 100,000 containers annually. The Port of Aalborg is also the European connection to Greenland. Nearly 100 companies have already established themselves in the attractive area around the port for easy access to the quays.


A feeling for design and usability, innovative thinking and a great deal of determination characterise the world-renowned architects, researchers, product and service inventors who have taken their baby steps right here in Aalborg. One of the world’s most famous architects and the father of the Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon, grew up in Aalborg. His unique sense of space, sound and beauty have inspired architects worldwide. His son, Kim Utzon, also an architect, still resides in Aalborg. Aalborg University and IT companies in North Denmark have contributed to leading IT products and services. The embedded antenna for mobile phones was, for example, invented by Gert Froelund, Professor at Aalborg University.

“Made in Aalborg” has worldwide reach. From technical devices and services to chocolate. From functional and fashionable sportswear to patented parts and solutions that subcontracters sell worldwide to some of the largest consumer brands.

To mention but a few:

Siemens wind turbine blades | Samsung bluetooth solutions | Aalborg Portland cement | Alfa Laval boilers | VELA chairs | ASETEK cooling systems | DESMI pumps | ASETEK cooling systems | BLIP tracking systems | Newline sportswear | Aalborg Chocolate | Aalborg Akvavit

Source: Invest in Aalborg is a partnership between the Port of Aalborg, NOVI Research Park, Aalborg University and the City of Aalborg. It is the partnership in an increasingly globalised city that will ensure you a single point of contact and easy access to prime locations, world-class research, local business know-how and the local authorities. Let us help you build your business case. Our services are driven entirely by your needs and are independent and free of charge.

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