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Modular micro-farms provide additional food production to meet global needs, and bring healthy produce to underserved areas.

GP Solutions a leading developer of automated micro-farms, announced its new systems can help meet the food production needs for the future. Earth's population is 7.68 billion, and is expected to grow to over 9 billion within 30 years.

According to a report from the University of Minnesota, "To feed those who are currently hungry - and the additional 2 billion-plus people who will live on the planet by 2050 - our best projections are that crop production will need to increase between 60 and 100 percent."

However, with scarcity of land and resources, this poses immense challenges. "Further expansion of agriculture is a poor solution to meeting future needs because we're using nearly all of the land that's suitable for agriculture already," the report emphasized.

"Relying on increased production will be an important solution, but not a sufficient one." Additionally, food isn't being grown near where it is needed. According to the United Nations, 815 million people in the world are under-nourished.

GrowPod is part of the solution.

​GrowPods are modular, scalable, transportable, indoor "micro-farms" that grow high quality, pathogen-free foods using a fraction of resources required for conventional farming.

The system utilizes both hydroponics and soil-based platforms along with proprietary air and water filtration, to create the perfect environment for growing food virtually anywhere, in any season or climate. GrowPods can be installed in just hours, so as demand rises or shifts, it is easy to put additional pods into service.

GP Solutions: GP Solutions designs "GrowPods" – innovative indoor micro farms that provide optimum conditions for plant cultivation with total environmental control.

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