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We are the leading manufacturer of pipes and related services for the world's energy industry and certain other industrial applications.

Our manufacturing system integrates steelmaking, pipe rolling and forming, heat treatment, threading and finishing across 16 countries. We also have an R&D network focused on enhancing our product portfolio and improving our production processes.

Our team, based in more than 30 countries worldwide, is united by a passion for excellence in everything we do. Through our integrated, worldwide network of seamless and welded manufacturing facilities, service and R&D centers, we work with customers to meet their needs, upholding the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.

  • Manufacturing facilities in 16 countries

  • R&D centers in 3 countries

  • Service and distribution network in 25 countries

  • Annual manufacturing capacity of 9 million tons

  • Annual net sales of $6.5 billion USD

  • 23,000 employees from 88 nationalities

  • $12.7 million USD in community investments


As a long-term industrial project, our values are rooted in sustainable principles. Since we opened our first mill in Campana, Argentina in the 1950s, to the start-up of our state-of-the-art mill in Bay City, Texas in 2017, and our more recent expansions, we have grown with the communities where we work and live, giving our employees opportunities for professional development, minimizing our environmental footprint and being a reliable partner for customers. We are committed to developing long-term sustainable business by reducing our environmental footprint within our communities and value chain; working with partners and peers to address the climate change challenge and transition to a carbon neutral economy.

We aim to achieve this target by using a higher proportion of recycled steel scrap in the metallic mix, investments to increase energy efficiency, and the use of renewables for part of our energy requirements as well as the development of technologies involving the use of hydrogen and carbon capture. To accelerate the fulfilment of these targets, we are implementing an internal carbon price of USD 80/ton for evaluating investments, and more generally in our operations.


We push the boundaries of material science and mechanical design to develop products that perform in extreme conditions. For companies moving beyond traditional operations, we lead the industry in advanced metallurgy and steelmaking, coatings and surfaces, non-destructive inspection and nanotechnology.


As a global organization, we embrace diversity in all its forms including culture, gender, creed, race, nationality and generation as a factor that creates value. We believe that understanding diverse points of view and perspectives contribute to the rational solution of problems and the effective accomplishment of goals.

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