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Jingjing Xu, a candidate of Mclntire School of Commerce class of 2020 in theUniversity of Virginia with a close to 4.0 GPA, and the founder of two successful start-ups, at the age of 22, has demonstrated her skills in business management and talents of being an entrepreneur.

In 2018, Jingjing founded and became the CEO of 808 Delta Studio, a company specializing in professional photography making and other visual products. The studio made a revenue of 16k Chinese yuan within two and a half months since its launch, with a monthly revenue growth rate of 33.9% and is now a partner with Alibaba, Tencent, Huazhu Hotel Group and other internationally famous companies.

With the first startup on track, Jingjing shifted her focus to a different field—new media. Earlier this year, Jingjing became the co-founder of Dataste, a start-up focusing on products in culture, fashion and urban lifestyle. In two months of time, Jingjing helped the company to obtain ISSN in U.S., Hong Kong and mainland China and facilitated the company's partnership with a number of celebrities. Officially sponsored by the government of the city of Qingdao for development in culture and entertainment industry, the company is now an official partner with Jinri Toutiao,, Phoenix Television, the only officially authorized Asian media reporter of Melbourne Fashion Week, and an invitee of this year's Milan Fashion Week.

When asked about her choice of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, Jingjing says that her motivation does not come only from the accomplishments above, as she puts it: "I think that the beauty of entrepreneurship lies in the fact that it is where one's ideas or ambition to make a difference can be actualized through business models. Entrepreneurship is about business, but it is not only about business. Business makes things work, yet besides making a revenue, the core spirit of entrepreneurship also involves bringing positive changes to the society. In this regard, both 808 Delta and Dataste carry the mission of contributing to aesthetic improvement trends in China. This is especially meaningful in present days, given the growing needs for better cultural, life, and arts experiences among the new generation. Moreover, my generation is witnessing a transformation where more and more women step out of their traditional roles to become leaders in the field of business, which is why I also wish that my entrepreneurship stories can encourage more women in China to explore their potential."

​With a clear sense of direction and a strong drive to explore different possibilities, Jingjing's entrepreneurship journey is yet to unfold.

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